DraftCraft is a new blogging app for iPad. It supports WordPress, Blogger, and LiveJournal and aims to make blogging as simple as possible. Formatting the text is easy and there's no need to not only know HTML, but you also don't ever even see it. DraftCraft takes care it behind the scenes and publishes your posts how you expect them to look.

DraftCraft is a simple application that can significantly improve your blog posts. Its impressive selection of innovative features helps your writing time to decrease while the quality of your content shoots up – regardless of whether you use WordPress, Blogger or LiveJournal. Key points include:

  • Complete Simplicity: DraftCraft’s carefully designed user interface keeps the entire writing process as simple as possible, leaving you free to concentrate on your results, and not how you reach them
  • Streamlined Publishing: You can now post to all of your blogs from one place, with the application holding details of your accounts across WordPress, Blogger and LiveJournal
  • Productivity-Enhancing Star System: This feature lets you manage your progress on a variety of posts, encouraging you to get your best ideas down quickly and without worrying about your writing style (‘one star’ pieces) – before gradually making improvements until you’ve reached publishable results (‘five star’ pieces)
  • Advanced Text Editor: Once you’ve created your content, exercising complete creative control is easy through text formatting (bold, italics, copy-paste etc.) and image insertion
  • HTML-Free: If you’re worrying about code, then you’re not worrying about writing – so DraftCraft removes the need to think about HTML. When you’re ready to upload a post, the application will automatically convert your text into the format required for publication!

DraftCraft is available on the iPad for $3.99.

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