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It's been a busy week on the Apple news front this week, sadly for all the wrong reasons. A email controversy and antitrust investigations in the EU made for some very poor Apple PR. We did, however, learn a bit more about Apple's potential plans for a folding phone, a new iMac, and the Back to School promotion this week. Here's all the Apple news you should have read this week.


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Undoubtedly the biggest story of the week was the app fiasco. An email app that was mistakenly admitted to the App Store even though it does not allow users to purchase the $99 subscription required through in-app-purchases. Apple has since frozen updates on the app and has threatened to remove it if the issue isn't fixed. Hey were not pleased, to say the least.

Foldable iPhone

Fold iPhone conceptSource: Rene Ritchie/iMore

A report from noted leaker Jon Prosser says Apple has a current prototype of a foldable iPhone which is actually two separate display panels connected by a hinge. Interesting.

Prosser: Apple's foldable iPhone is real, but it isn't really a foldable


Imac Ipad Pro Design RenderSource: iFinder

Leaked iOS 14 code might have revealed a new icon depicting a rumored revamp to the iMac based on the iPad Pro's sleek design language.

Leaked code from iOS 14 shows off new iMac with iPad Pro design

Apple Stores

Apple Store Fifth Avenue New YorkSource: Apple

Earlier this week it emerged Apple was reopening 70 more U.S. stores.

Over 70 more Apple Stores will reopen in the United States this week


Apple Swift Student WnnersSource: Apple

Apple has update its App Store Connect website for developers in the run up to WWDC, bringing a mobile-responsive design. Apple also announced the winners of the Swift Student Challenge!


Tim CookSource: Apple

The European Commission announced two formal investigations into Apple Pay and the App Store over alleged anticompetitive behavior.

EU announces formal antitrust investigations into Apple Pay and the App Store

Back to School

Back To School PromoSource: Apple

Apple launched its annual Back to School promotion this week. The big surprise though was free AirPods instead of Beats. What could that mean...?

Apple launches its Back to School promotion with free AirPods

AR/VR rumors

Glasses on iPhone 11 ProSource: iMore

A Bloomberg story has revealed that Apple is working on two separate AR/VR experiences, a headset, and a light pair of glasses.

Bloomberg details alleged Apple plans for AR and VR headsets