New Siri RemoteSource: Apple

What you need to know

  • The new Apple TV Siri Remote doesn't have a gyroscope or accelerometer.
  • Games that require motion sensors will not work with the new controller.

Apple finally ended our long worldwide nightmare by announcing a refreshed Apple TV Siri Remote earlier this week. There was much joy among Apple TV users. But it turns out that the new remote can't do something the old one could – play some games.

Thankfully, nobody cares.

Backing up a bit, the folk at Digital Trends noticed that the updated Siri Remote doesn't have a gyroscope or accelerometer. That, in turn, means that some games downloaded from the App Store won't work with it – leaving gamers to either use an old remote or a game controller instead.

One change that might annoy some is the removal of the accelerometer and gyroscope. Together, these sensors let the original Siri remote act as a game controller. You could even use a wrist strap to keep the remote from flying out of your hand during aggressive gaming.

Thankfully, I can't imagine too many people are playing Apple TV games using the Siri Remote. Of that small number, how many will be playing games that require those two sensors? Not many, and that's presumably the same logic Apple is applying here.

Still, it's always notable when Apple removes a feature from a product. But I'll take the loss of those sensors if it means I can have a remote that functions as a remote. Even if it can't function as a game controller quite so well anymore.

The new Siri Remote will be available for $59 soon and it's sure to be one of the best remotes for Apple TV yet.