$999 "I Am Rich" Video Walkthrough

Purportedly one of the eight [redacted] people who bought I Am Rich has gone all Paris with the video making, and decided to show the rest us more than maybe we needed to really know about the $999 proof that P.T. Barnum was right -- again.

And no need to hurry on that hacked version either, b'okay?

(via TUAW)

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Reader comments

$999 "I Am Rich" Video Walkthrough


Maybe he should retitle the app as "I Am Now Poor". And what the secret mantra really makes you feel like after you buy this stunning piece of artwork:
I am poor
I deserv it
I am an idiot,
unhealthy &
Seriously, it's too bad that Apple let this app get through into the app store in the first place.

is it just me or has half the coverage on TiPB been about this app lately? Must be a really slow news time for all things iP.

it's Barnum, not Parnum, and we're not even so sure he actually said that a "sucker was born every minute." It was more likely, "A customer is born every minute." Just wikipedia it.
But yeah, this guy is a tool.

wait.....he bought the "i am rich" app for a TOUCH?!!?? What's the matter, buddy? Couldn't afford to sign a two year contract???? weird.

The quote I was referring to was "no one ever lost money overestimating the stupidity of the American public", but the less-than-generous nature of blog commenters is probably worthy of a follow-on quote.
Typo fixed, thanks!

Not sure what's more humorous; the video or the responses. Actually, I think "just wikipedia it" is the most hilarious thing I've read in a long while. For $999, I'd say it's worth the outrage-on-demand from all the Apple zombies.