AirView enables AirPlay between iOS devices

A new app called AirView has appeared in the App Store today, which enables you to use AirPlay from one iOS device to another. The two devices have to be on the same local network or you can stream direct from iTunes. AirView allows you to stream video from an iPhone to an iPad, iPod Touch or another iPhone or any combination of two.

All you have to do is install AirView on the device you wish to stream to, fire up the app then launch the video on the streaming device. When you play the video the usual AirPlay icon appears and you can select the device that you wish to stream it to. As if by magic, the video starts to play. This works with videos played in iTunes on a Mac or PC too.

I have been testing the app for a short time today and it works perfectly. Unfortunately it only supports video at the moment. The app is available free in the App Store and you must have iOS 4.2 on both devices.

[iTunes Link]

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AirView enables AirPlay between iOS devices


Seems if the device being streamed to from iTunes is on iOS 4.3 it wont work :( or at least it wont for me, anyone verify this? It shows up in iTunes to stream to but the App states it waiting on a connection from other device

Did you check "Look for remote speakers connected with AirPlay" and the sub-box in the iTunes settings "devices" tab?
I had to do this (and start the App) to see the AirPlay icon in my PC's iTunes playback window controls.
A neat novelty, but it won't really be any more useful than just handing over your phone until the video plays back on both devices at the same time (so more people can watch).

After seeing engadgets review it seems it doesn't work with protected content purchased from iTunes, i initially tested it with my digital copies of inception and iron man 2 i got with blu-rays at christmas, after i saw engadgets review i tried it with a ripped film and it worked flawlessly. Very impressed with a free app

Anyone know of an app that will allow this to be done with music?
Alternatively, does anyone know of an app, like Apple's Remote App, that has the functionality to work between iOS devices rather than just letting an iOS device control a computer?

I am shocked that no one has picked up on this yet....content bought from iTunes Store will not play on a streaming device using AirView. It is curious though why Apple doesn't have their own AirPlay app. I guess Chris didn't full test drive this app before writing the article. Might want to do that next time Chris before using the words "works perfectly". But then again, there isn't much editing going on with this website and it's content anyway.