Amazon warns iOS Kindle app users to avoid latest update

Amazon warns iOS Kindle app users to avoid latest update

If you're an Amazon Kindle for iOS app user, Amazon is warning you to avoid their latest update. Kelly Hodgkins from TUAW writes:

Apparently, a glitch in the update is erasing the user's entire book library from their iOS device.

Ouch. Since Amazon stores copies of every Kindle book you buy on the cloud, this is likely more annoying than annihilating, but it would absolutely interrupt your ability to keep reading on your iOS device, short term. Amazon is obviously aware of the issue, so a fix should be on its way. Until then, if you haven't updated already, stay clear.

Source: TUAW

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Reader comments

Amazon warns iOS Kindle app users to avoid latest update


doh! too late for me though i havent actually launched the app since updating to hopefully wont break anything. Wonder if this affects sideloaded books as well?

Yep you have to drop them into the shared folder in iTunes app file management though sometimes that screws up meta data so some suggest using a 3rd party file manager like ifunbox instead

This burned me last night. Opened app, and it asked me to register again. Doing so wiped everything, and even created a new 'Kindle' with a new name and everything. Of course, the books were still in the cloud, but I had to go clean it all up in the "Manage my Kindle" section of

Woops. Too late for me as well. They're right. All the books in my iPad on the Kindle app are gone. Fortunately they're still in the cloud so I can get them back. But one issue I didn't see listed is that I tried to download a sample of a book I was interested in getting, and I went through the whole procedure ending with the "sending book to you iPad" part. But the book sample didn't download. I tried 3 times and nothing. So what ever any of you do, don't download this update.

I fell for it. No big deal to re-download my eBooks from the cloud (aside unnecessary data consumption). What's horrible is that you loose all your sample books and I had plenty of. I will need to check which ones these were at Amazon's site. The more devices you have, the worse the problem with book samples. As RENÉ points out:..... STAY CLEAR !! I hope Amazon's update will help me recover automatically all this samples. It has an interest in doing so, since many of this I may wish to purchase in the future. At least I remember the next book.