Angry Birds 1.4.1 and Angry Birds HD 1.4.1 hit App Store

Angry Birds for iPhone and its big brother, Angry Birds HD for iPad, have been updated to make it even birdier and, I fear, angrier. New features in version 1.4.1 consist of:

  • 15 levels have been reconstructed
  • A new golden egg has been added
  • Fresh new achievements are included
  • And, um... fantastic feathered fun is plentiful

The iPad version hit a couple of days ago. The iPhone version is just hitting now. If you try out either update, let us know what you think.

[iTunes for iPhone, iTunes for iPad]

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There are 20 comments. Add yours.

Jaime says:

When do we get retina display support? All these apps look better on 3GS if they have no support for iPhone 4.

dlopes90 says:

just beat the 15 new levels in 15 i gotta wait for the new update lol

gatorsrule2424 says:

Fun but dissapointed in no new birds

SockRolid says:

Oh crap. A couple more hours spent blasting through, getting all the stars and eggs. Then another month of totally ignoring it until the next update...

slicecom says:

I refuse to buy until they upgrade to retina.

Gage says:

When will we ever get a level designer mode? It would be awesome to be able to create your own levels and upload them for other people to play. Now that would give lots of replay value, plus they wouldn't have to "work so hard to update it" when it takes them over one month to do so.

DeathGrip says:

Is there a way to delete your saved progress, or do I just reinstall the game?

BrianTufo says:

@Gage that is an awesome idea!!! I got the update but only had time for one level so far. Dang work!!!

krislord says:

Retina support is meant to be coming in the update after this one. Also, this included a fix for level 2-2 that made it easier to get 3 stars.

HighDef says:

Got the update on my iTouch today. However, there is also a scam Android app by the same name ($1.99) but by a different publisher. Caveat Emptor to the max! do not buy the scam Android app.

Nati says:

Does anyone else have this problem? Ever since I updated Angry Birds to version 1.4, the screen turns black and reboots my phone upon launch.

Tape says:

"Also, this included a fix for level 2-2 that made it easier to get 3 stars."
OH THANK CHRIST. 2-2 is based almost entirely on random luck.

Angry Bird Fan says:

Where is the new golden egg in the iPhone version of this new release? Don't seem to have that empty space showing in the Eggs screen.

jasonphil says:

I used to love this game until I upgraded to iP4. I NEED RETINA! :'(

Louis B says:

Already got all 3 stars on the new level. It was too easy and now gotta wait forever for another level update. Anyways the golden egg is in level 10-3. You gotta pop or bust open the duck at the bottom to get the golden egg.

SockRolid says:

3-starred all the new levels and got the new achievement and golden eggs. But now I can't get the star on the two new eggs even after "completing" them. On the egg screen, top row 2nd from left: launch a bird into bottom of wall and it all just happens for you to get the star. Bottom row 2nd from left: pinch pigs nose and "zoom in" to get the star. But back on the egg screen the eggs don't have stars!

Mark says:

Similar story here. 5 of my golden eggs will not collect the stars even tho they have been achieved.

Mark says:

@ SockRolid I have sussed this problem out. Although it looks as tho u have the golden eggs, the ones that you can't get the stars for need to be redone. Usually very early game eggs like the credit rolling one. I now have 15 eggs with 15 stars. Game done till the update. :D

Kezz says:

How do I get the brand new egg on angry bird I've got it after completing all the levels with 3 stars but what's the combination I need to do with it to truly get it