Angry Birds to get cross device game sync features by the summer, new Easter update coming for Angry Birds Seasons.

Rovio Mobile is working on a way to sync game positions in Angry Birds across multiple devices. We don’t know at this stage if this sync will be limited to just iOS devices or across all devices that have access to Angry Birds, including other smartphones, tablets, and the version sold in the Mac App Store. Either way it would be a great help for those of us that play the game on iPhone and iPad but don’t want to repeat levels; or be at different stages of the game.

Rovio Mobile is also planning an Easter update for Angry Birds Seasons. Not much detail but it promises lots of great new stuff in the update!

[Rovio Mobile Twitter via The Appera]

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Reader comments

Angry Birds to get cross device game sync features by the summer, new Easter update coming for Angry Birds Seasons.


This is great news for the Angry Bird fans who have nothing better to do than sit around and play mindless games.

Or maybe it's great for the people who enjoy playing Angry Birds every once in a while when they get bored or they have downtime while waiting for something?

Awesome news, now just give me the same for infinity blade and I will have no fears of restoring as new when problems arise.

I dont see how people still find the game fun.
Rovio just releases the same game over and over with themed levels. Lame. Try to innovate or something.

Atualy I toled Rene 19 days ago on Twitter and in an interview they said all devices and that definitely includes other smartphones and tablets.

I am wondering how this works for them. How many teams do they have working on games? Is one team dedicated to the regular angry birds? Do they have two seasons teams? Tell one team to work on this holiday and the other team the following one? I don't think they're a large company.

When are they going to make Angry Birds a universal app instead of having 2 different apps (the regular iPhone version and "HD" iPad version)?