Angry Birds Seasons St. Patricks Day update

Angry Birds Seasons has once again updated, this time with a St. Patrick's Day episode.

  • Go green with Angry Birds Seasons
  • 15 lucky green levels
  • 2 new golden eggs and a St. Paddy's Day surprise
  • Pots of Gold everywhere
  • Send Happy St. Patrick's Day cards to your friends

The update is available for the iPhone version of Angry Birds Seasons and we expect the iPad update will shortly follow suit.

If you pick this one up and find a moment to escape from catapulting birds into green pigs, let us know what you think!

[0.99 - iTunes link]

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Reader comments

Angry Birds Seasons St. Patricks Day update


That must be a golden egg level. I've already beat it, but am working on three stars. Golden egg on 1-8, which I haven't gotten yet. 2nd golden egg when you get all three stars.

really nice execution on the new levels. Bu tit didnt take very long to get three stars and the both golden eggs...more levels please :)

Is it required to pay again if you already have the app???? I don't see the free is asking me to pay. Is everyone having this same problem?

No, it's a free update. I updated with no problem last night. If you're updating from your device is the old version already on there?

Angry Birds Seasons is a different app than Angry Birds. The St Patricks day update is a free update to current Angry Birds Seasons owners.

No apparently (free)app St.Patty's angry birds for my LG optimistic Droid what to do I'm an angry gran-ma need to play help me please I'm. Jonesing thanks

I found a golden egg on level 1-8. You have top basically shoot the canary straight up into the air and tap as you launch. This way might be able to have it land on the platform above the right side of the screen.

Where is the second golden egg. All 3 star including Facebook levels and no 2nd egg. I want that egg.

I got the 1-8 golden egg and the pot of gold for 3 stars in every level, but is there another golden egg somewhere?

1-8 launch the white bird backwards, tap the screen before the bird leaves the screen. The head will launch back towards the golden egg in the upper righthand corner.

I have the golden egg on 1-8. Is there a second golden egg? I have 3 stars on every level including facebook level. I have looked every where for a clear answer about a second egg. I am begging to think there isn't one! If anyone coal help I would appreciate it.

I can't find the 2nd egg either. I have the first one and the surprise after 3stars on all of the levels...what do I do now?!!

2nd egg where is it. 3 stars on all levels and the facebook page and I "liked" the facebook page what I'm I missing

Commenting doesn't seem to do it. This looks like something to obcessed on today. Glad I work at home.

You get the second egg from destroying all the four-leaf clovers in the four stages. Happy St. Patti's day!

Have the.golden egg from 1-8 and have 3 stars on all Where is the second egg? Anyone know yet???

Found the 2nd golden egg. When you have completed the first stages, go to the second screen and tap in bottom right corner to reveal hidden levels! Get 3 stars on those for the 2nd egg

Yes, as explained in my post. Slide to the second screen when completed, Ie the sectio between the levels and where you get to the first golden egg and tap in bottom right. This reveals the secret levels!!

I've tried the clovers and tapping the far right corner on screen 2. I have 3 stars on all levels. Still NO SECOND EGG!

Hmm, there is definitely a level 16, 17 and 18 on the second screen. I'm sure it came up by tapping on the green bird or egg on screen 2 bottom right. Maybe you have to do a series
Of taps between screen 2 and 3, but it's definately there and didn't come up because I posted or published to Facebook. Good luck!!

16, 17, and 18 are not connected to a Golden Egg. Those are the Facebook levels and I've cleared with three stars which you have to do before you can get to the 3star pot of gold. STILL NO SECOND EGG, don't think there is one!

I also got all the 3 stars,clovers,posted bere and still no second egg,
PS:also tapped veteran screens and still nothing.Any ideas?