Announcing the iMore editors' choice app gallery!

Announcing the iMore Editors' Choice App Gallery!

iMore's singular mission is to help anyone and everyone get more out of their iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Mac. That includes reviews and how-tos, news and podcasts, and it absolutely includes apps. They're what make the hardware sing. Yet there are so many apps now — a million and more! — that it can be hard to find the one that's best for you. We've tried to solve that problem before with our best iPhone apps, best iPad apps, and best Mac apps hubs. While those are great for groups, we also wanted to be able to single out apps we thought were worth special attention — your attention. Enter the iMore Editors' Choice App Gallery!

With the Editors' Choice App Gallery, we're carefully curating what we consider to be the very best apps and games and manually adding them to the gallery. In the gallery you can see all the app's information and screenshots, along with our photographs, reviews, and articles. All in once place.

Then the fun starts! All the editors, writers, and staff at iMore can recommend apps in the gallery. When and if we do, you'll see our avatars listed right at the top. That way you'll know which of us, and how many of us, recommend the app.

What's more — Every reader here at iMore can recommend apps and games as well. And yes, when you do, your avatar will appear right at the top as well! That way everyone will know which of the apps you think are worth attention!

Now, the app gallery is still in beta. It's still very much a work in progress. We wanted to get everyone involved early on in the process, however, because the process is very much about everyone, including and especially you!.

Here's what we need you to do:

  • Go in, take a look, and click/tap the Recommend button on all the apps you want to add your vote to.
  • Leave a comment below telling us which apps and games we're still missing and the ones you want added the most.

We won't be able to add every app, of course. We want to keep the number limited. We've only added about 50 so far. We'll be adding more, but there'll never be many. Maybe a hundred apps, a hundred games at most. And additions won't be permanent. Better apps will come, and apps that haven't been updated will go. But we want to make sure they're the best apps, and for that, we need your help!

Rene Ritchie

Editor-in-Chief of iMore, co-host of Iterate, Debug, Review, The TV Show, Vector, ZEN & TECH, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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There are 27 comments. Add yours.

Benji Kindle says:

spaceteam all the way! also, monument valley, Blek, and threes. I would really like to see indie apps like these replace the "big name" apps like chrome, Facebook, and twitter that most people already know of

Rowanova says:

Day One, Box, Documents and PDF Expert by Readdle, or maybe just Readdlemin general as all their apps work so well. Just my two cents...

Kale58 says:

No Day One in that list? Let me be the first to recommend that app.

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Kale58 says:

I'm also very impressed with Drafts (which supports TextExpander Touch /w Fill-Ins).

And for the DisneyWorld fan, MyDisneyExperience is a must.

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Dar Krum says:

The best weather app on the market right now is Degrees. Data is provided by Environment Canada, it is simple, customizable, accurate, and can be used anywhere in North America. Fantastic.

The best sports app, by far, is theScore.

Feedly is a great app that I feel deserves listing.

Those are the three apps I use every single day.

Kale58 says:

A big thumbs up for theScore app!

laddiecanuck says:

Agreed about Degrees for weather. Also RadarScope.
Pureshot and Mattebox and VSCOcam for photography, along with FilterstormNeue and FlickrStackr.
iBird PRO is excellent, as are all the Audubon series of field guides.
I like SatelliteSafari and SkySafari+ for astronomy.

Trubador says:

Did you REALLY have to use the word "curating"? ;-)

mdlissner says:

Need to add Pocket Informant from WebIs best calendar out there.

Rowanova says:

Plus 1 on PI.

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the_reigns says:

Readdle Documents, Scanner Pro, PDF Expert, Calendars 5 and Day One

Vaish_Kasi says:

Day one, Medium, Spendbook (should definitely be on the finances category) and runtastic ofcourse great changes on the app lately.

Freiteez says:

Day One(great journal app), Clash of Clans(top grossing game and fun), myVEGAS(win real Vegas rewards just for playing). Just to name a few.

FairyMary1 says:

Business Card Reader by SHAPE, a must for business category, iDisplay - second display for Mac or PC (Productivity), Sicher - new secure alternative to Whatsapp (Social).

JNGold says:

1. Transit App
2. Apple Podcasts
3. MagiCam
4. Goodtask, Checkmark
5. Dark Sky

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Wayne F says:

1. RadarScope..... Outstanding Realtime Weather Radar, it's not cheap but it is worth every penny!

2. Dark Sky.... For up to the minute rain forecasts in you area

3. PDF Pen Scan +.... great for storing data on the fly

4. Parcel... Great Deliveries tracking app (also has a Mac app counterpart)

ctt1wbw says:

Pocket Informant and actually my new favorite weather app is Storm Shield.

inline1 says:

Reading - GoodReader, Kindle
Games - SolChess, QuizUp, StarDefense (I keep going to these even if they are old, other nice ones such as Monument, Icycle, Leo's Fortune, PvZ2 don't seem to have the same longevity)
Music - Spotify, Sonos, TuneIn, Chordshaker
Spoken word - Stitcher (I know it's hated, but it does most of what I need it to do!), Audible
Running - RunMeter, Race Pace, TrailMix
Navigation - Google Maps, VelaClock, TripIt, Nat Geo World Atlas, Turdus, TripAdvisor
Sports - NHL Gamecenter
News - Economist
Other - Wiki Encyclopedia

By the way, I'm looking for a Podcast app that will automatically also start the Sleep Timer when Play on earphones is pressed. Any ideas?

simplylaurakb says:

Waze. For parents, iAllowance - it's a fabulous way to keep track of kids' allowances, it syncs over other devices (so either my husband or I can check the balances), and you can divide the money into categories - spending, saving, charity, etc. I can't recommend it highly enough. Another app I'm intrigued by is MileIQ. It automatically tracks every time you drive, and then you go back and sort the drive into personal and business. I love it because I own my own business, and have a hard time remembering to track milage. But I say 'intrigued' because I think it is REALLY overpriced; $60/year for unlimited trips. I found another app, Auto Miles, that does something similar, but it's much less user-friendly.

Hectorius says:

Very cool idea guys..,

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alkomy says:

Day One, PDF Expert 5, Boxie, IFTTT, Dispatch Mail.

TextExpander is one of the best, but not for all users.

GlennRuss says:

Hurricane Pro for the iPhone, and Hurricane HD for the iPad. If you live on the east, or west coast, this is a must have app. When hurricane season is over, it still is very useful for winter storms with radar. It also has world radar to keep track of typhoons if you travel.

frenchesco says:

Plex, iTV Shows 3, Tappd, Infuse 2, Momento, Moves, Camera+, Monument Valley, Authy, Jasmine, Feedly, Milk Time, Little Fox Music Box, Nighty Night!, Fing, SnipSnap, Waze, Prompt, Soulver, Paprika, Facetune, Buy Me a Pie!, IFTTT, Pulseway (Formerly PC Monitor), Swarm, Foursquare

Good OL MC says:

Day One! Journaling has never been so easy.

followlife says:

Thats great news.
Also please download this IOS app and give rating and let me know if there need any changes.

jessica62578 says:

I would recommend Readdle's Documents 5, Scanner Pro, Calendar 5. Also, I would give a strong recommendation to Cloud Magic (hardly ever mentioned), an email app that supports all types of accounts and has great gesture support and features-and it's free.

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