App Giveaway: Calculate the cost of gas with Cost2Drive for iPhone

Cost2Drive is an iPhone app that helps you price out the cost of your commute or road trip. It calculates this cost by using realtime gas prices along your route. And if you're curious if it'd be cheaper to drive, Cost2Drive will do that comparison for you as well.

I will be making a huge move from Colorado to California in a few months, and you bet I'll be using this app to help me price out the cost of the move!

Cost2Drive helps you quickly calculate the cost of driving anywhere in the US based on real time gas prices along your route, and now you can compare it to the cost of flying with our new flight cost comparison feature.

  • Calculates trip fuel costs based on real time gas prices along your route
  • Displays route distance and travel time
  • Displays cheapest airfare found on Kayak (for routes over 200 miles)
  • Lets you save up to 5 vehicles for easy comparison
  • Over 20,000 vehicles to select from going back to 1990 model year
  • Ability to add your own custom vehicles (RVs, motorcycles, etc.)
  • Real time gas prices for 3 grades of fuel (regular, premium & diesel)*
  • iPhone address book integration to easily add friends' addresses
  • Maps of trip routes including refueling stops and cheapest gas at those points


The good folk at C2G, LLC have provided us with 4 promo codes for Cost2Drive to giveaway to our readers! For a chance to win, just let us know how long your longest road trip was in the comments below!

Cost2Drive is available on the iPhone for $1.99.

[App Store link]

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There are 46 comments. Add yours.

Danig1000 says:

We just drove from Florida to northern Indiana! YIKES!! That's a LONG time in a car!

Jim Kovarik says:

The most popular route entered on is Chicago to Orlando, so you're in good company :-)

ProfessorTripp says:

Longest road trip was Illinois to Nevada to Florida to South Carolina to New York to Illinois over a two week span. Good times.

ProfessorTripp says:

Longest road trip was Illinois to Nevada to Florida to South Carolina to New York to Illinois over a two week span. Good times.

jdmgerm says:

3500 miles!! RV trip from San Diego, CA to Anchorage, AK and that's just one way!!

Rmcarpentier says:

West Virginia to Florida...non stop...14 hours straight...spring break

Coynster says:

Chicago to Daytona Beach, 1993... Those were the days!

abqcitylife says:

5000 miles, 7 National Parks, 1 National Monument, 5 sleeping bags, 2 coolers, 2 kids, 1 newborn, 1 tent, 1 minivan and one heck-uv-a-packer for a husband.

lola says:

50 hours - from Melbourne to Darwin!

Mark says:

LA to San Antonio in 1 day then on to Louisiana after 6 hours rest.

Skyeberg says:

longest trip was San Francisco to Palm Springs

Eric:) says:

My longest trip ever was from new York to Florida

Duhwayne D'Zyre Reed says:

Chicago to Florida, maybe it was Florida to Chicago, I dont know I was sleeping.

pink2 says:

Approx. 3500 or so. Going from OC, CA to Chicago

Macsleuth says:

Winnipeg to Toronto, 23 hours, straight. Never again.

Denny Fernandez says:

2700 miles from for Lauderdale, FL to Los Angeles , CA. ( with Stops in new orleans, dallas, flagstaff, grand canyon, las vegas, san Francisco. We rented two ninivans and had to change them on las vegas because of oil change.

MCSqueakyClean says:

646 miles from Lebanon, OH to Gouveneur, NY for my wife's brother's funeral. Not only was it the longest roadtrip of our lives, but it was quite somber and unexpected.

weldonhd3 says:

1682 from IL to Steamboat Springs, CO (highly recommended to everyone) and back to IL. I really could have used this app for that trip.

Farmdreads says:

From Northern California to Missouri and back. Yeah, I know what your are thinking. What the heck is in Missouri?

mrbrianwc says:

New York to Las Vegas about 2800 Miles. Twice.

Tyler says:

check out how to make your own apps with no expierience!

patrickbballer says:

Ive been to New York and back 3 times because of my new baby daughter. Ive always wondered if it was cheaper to fly or drive.... It would be great to finally put this matter to bed!

JMTII says:

Alabama to Arizona 3,126 miles (round trip) in my Prius. Love that MPG.

Jivarro says:

My longest drive was 1959 miles or about 31 hours if drivin nonstop, but I frequently drive 528 miles about 9 hours. I make that trip about once or twice a month.

Jivarro says:

Oh, that 1959 mile trip was one way, WV, to AZ...

Mandy Breton says:

Over 1000 miles... Boston to Key West!

prettybigkat says:

kansas city missouri to spokane washington 1600 miles says:

Great little app. Hope to see a UK version soon.
Would also be nice to see how you could save by Hypermiling the journey.

Scott Turner Dawson Gage says:

3986 miles. Start from Gilbert, SC via southern route through New Orleans, San Antonio and up to Denver, return straight across Kansas. Great trip in 2000.

Julio12 says:

Gone from L.A to Herlpng CA to visit my girlfriends dad in the federal correctional institute. It's 8 hour drive. He recently got move to Madera which is a blessing cuz it's only 4 hours away but still a drive. Would like to use this so that we can count the cost for driving over there for our first time. Thanks tipb.

Julio12 says:

LA to herlong 8 hour drive to go visit my girlfriends dad at herlong federal prison camp he recently got moved to Madera which is only a four hour drive but still far I would like to use this app to count the cost for our first time driving over there. Thank you.

SteveC says:

Philly to Key West! A very long and painful trip! ;-)

Jordan Bond says:

KC to Denver to San Diego to LA to Yosemite and back!

Icebox93 says:

Chicago to New Orleans, to Orlando, to Miami, then back to Chicago via Jacksonville. Spring Break 1987.

Cost2Drive says:

Thanks everyone for participating! Our app is now a Top 10 Travel App in iTunes!

Mariah Oliveira says:

California to Wyoming (Yellowstone Trip) Three cars, 5 kids, over 4000 miles for the whole trip...I didn't drive for a week after we got home.

Maseca says:

When I was a kid, we drove from Southern California to Yellowstone to Wisconsin to Tennessee then back home all because my mother was afraid to fly!

Steve says:

I moved from GA to MD when my wife got her new job and we were traveling with 5 pets in the middle of August's blistering heat with no air conditioning. It was one of the most terrible experiences of my life! Only 620 miles, though, so I am way on the low end here.

Jeremy Lewis says:

round trip chicopee ma to fr lauderdale fl

Mriversjr23 says:

Los Angeles, CA to Archbold, OH!! 32hours!!

jmaldonado says:

I will be taking a road trip from Houston to the west coast this summer. This app will be a great help.

Sloored says:

Key west to California in a 1988 Oldsmobile 88

Ephraimkunz says:

When me and my family moved from New Hampshire to Utah, I am not sure how many miles but it took a long time, especially because I was only 12.

Eric:) says:

Omg I won! Thank you guys so much!!!!!!