App Giveaway: iQuick Tweet

iQuick Tweet is a new Twitter app that takes advantage of the built-in Twitter integration of iOS 5. It has one purpose - to send out tweets, and send them fast.

Quickly send a tweet using the built in native Twitter integration in iOS 5. No more waiting for your entire timeline to load before you can compose a tweet. Simply open iQuick Tweet, compose, and send. Want to send another tweet? Tap the bird and compose your next tweet. It's that easy, and that fast!


Jason Cipriani, the developer of iQuick Tweet, has given us 5 promo codes to give away to you, our awesome readers! For a chance to win, let us know about how many time you tweet per day in the comments below! Must provide a valid email address.

iQuickTweet is available on the iPhone and iPad for $0.99.

[App Store link]

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There are 65 comments. Add yours.

Avenged says:

Probably about 3-4 times on average, but its been much higher. Could really use this app, it looks fun.

IDontPayForTweetApps says:

Good way to get dropped? Flood your followers with tweets. Dumb app.

Jeff Nucci says:

Including retweets? About 50. Without, about 20-25.

 Apple blogz says:

uhm... a whole lot. wild guess: 101x, approximately. :)

Ciscovalverde says:

I would say 3-8 times a day.. The new tweet integration will def increase. Especially w such a cool app like this

Damon says:

Mostly 5-10 tweets a day and few retweets of course!

Putri says:

I like what you guys are up too. Such cveelr work and reporting! Keep up the superb works guys I've incorporated you guys to my blogroll. I think it'll improve the value of my website .

Ronni says:

I'm on Twitter all-day how else could I keep up to date on all the crazy exciting technological advances going on. Not to only that but I gotta get my twenty sense in on it too! (Yes I ment 20 sense)

James says:

Plaese do the nfeuedl, i want to have a tie- up to any european soccer academy ,so that i can my boys and girls for international tours.please help me out in this matter.thanking YouMaheshbala

Steven Zepeda says:

I tweet 5-20 times a day depending on the day. It would double with this app ;)

revtony79 says:

Probably 1-2 times a day. Don't want to overdo it.

Beachmom25 says:

Just depends. Not a big tweeter but read all the time. If it were easier would tweet more.

Pedro Agustín Cela says:

About 30-50 times per day, I post a lot of news about Apple (and yes, TiPb is included)
I would love to test this app, I'm really curious about how fast is it.
Thank you!

m_jameson1 says:

The iPhone 4S will be my first Apple device since the 3rd Gen iPod Classic. I have been an Android user for almost 2 years now, and ready to check out everything iOS.

fabsgwu says:

2-20x a day, depending on frequency of tweet-worthy thoughts/RT'able tweets.

Robb Lewis says:

I tweet around 10 times a day.

Jim Nichols says:

5-10 times a day, sometimes more.

Cristian Thiago Moecke says:

Not more than 5 twwets/day,. I guess...

Antiponjin says:

I'd love to have your app. I tweet approximately 5-30 tweets a day. Depends on who tweets me and what the topic is.
Thank you.

Grubmeyer says:

I don't tweet enough because it's more difficult than its worth. This would definately help me tweet more though!

Alexbelmanalcaraz says:

a lot less than my followers would hope :)

scotty_rockstar says:

I like tweeting watching sport so lots more on weekends!

A. Wesley Jones says:

I tweet an average of 7.9 times per day, according to the stats I looked up.

GeniusUnleashed says:

Politics mainly for me, 1-20 a day.

Johnavan Thomas says:

ohman.. for sure more than 50 tweets per day !

Chrizzle says:

Or you can just text your tweets. Much faster.

Tla710 says:

I tweet about 10 times per day.

Martavious says:

Some days 1 or 2 times others 10-30 times. I use Twitter to provide youth softball scores to my followers.

Karen says:

sometimes 2-3 times a day

Zack Tanner  says:

depends on the day, sometimes 5 times, sometimes 50. our blog sent out about 100 tweets during the last media event

Tom says:

I tweet often, like while walking down the street with my wife. I'll think of something to tweet, pull out my iPhone and open up twitter. Next thing I know my wife is a hundred feet ahead of me yelling back at me asking why I'm so slow. It'd be nice to send tweets FASTER! ;)

Wiltron says:

I've switched over to Twitter from Facebook, since I can do all the same things with no "Farmville" crap.. 10-20 a day, mood situational..

rprather says:

I tweet like once a week but would surely do more with iQuick tweet!

Louis Filosa says:

at least 20 times a day!!!

RenderMan420 says:

depending on the day 10 - 75+

SpoiledRottenAppleGuy says:

30-50 tweets on a good eventful day

DNA says:

I probably tweet like 20 times a day

Pnut says:

If I had this, I would tweet 30-40 times a day!

Jeffrey says:

i tweet at least 60 times a day. lol. i just have a lot to say!

George Sabourin says:

I tweet at least 3 times a day :)

Ken says:

Somewhere between 1 and 15 (usually closer to 1-2)

martinp13 says:

5-10, probably more if I won this! :)

X5denali says:

iTweet at least a minimum of 40 times per day.

Zora says:

Usually I'm not too fond of these types of wide angle shots, but this one I do like. The sky feels quite trteahening. Very well done.

Kristopher Rodriguez says:

I know this is pretty crazy, but I tweet at least 300-400 times a day :)

Ross Brodie says:

I streamcast my life with aprox ten tweets a day, usually clustering when drinking coffee.

Kylekinsey says:

I tweet a couple times a day but it's solid gold.

Kylemer says:

it's not about the number of tweets per day it's the meaning behind the tweets that count!

morphorod says:

I tweet about 10-15 times a day. If you add retweets then its more like 25 or so.

Alakija Og says:

If i was able to tell you the number of tweets/day i make..... then i should be in a stray. lol

Nick Moscioni says:

Tweets per day? About 20 or so, this would be very useful for me.

Heriberto says:

Dave's cnmmeots are an example of cowardice since he did not post a link where we can also see his blog and what he can offer. Be man enough Mr. Dave.

Pole says:

You don't know much about oincoursutg Dave. Your kind of commenting without posting your contact link is a kind of cowardice. Be man enough man. Don't hide.