App Giveaway: Kinnectimals for iPhone and iPad

App Giveaway: Kinectimals for iPhone and iPad

The popular Kinect for Xbox 360 game Kinectimals by Microsoft is now available for iPhone and iPad. This iOS version can be used as a standalone app or you can bring your pet that you already have on the Xbox version with you wherever you go and also unlock 5 new cubs on the console.

This irresistible mobile experience gives you the chance to use your phone to visit the island of Lemuria and play with, care for and fall in love with your very own cub. Bring your pet with you wherever you go! If you’ve already experienced Kinectimals on Kinect for Xbox 360, your phone becomes the key to unlocking five new cubs on your console. Stand-alone mobile game features Kinectimals’ signature visual quality, delightful animation and brand new ways to play with your cub!


We know that all of you would love your very own pet Tiger, so we're gifting Kinectimals to 5 lucky readers! For a chance to win, just leave a comment below letting us know what you'll name your tiger!

Kinectimals is available on the iPhone and iPad for $2.99.

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There are 145 comments. Add yours.

Supertecnoboff says:

I will name my tiger Whiskers!!

Jordirexman says:

I would name my tiger Nana.

Patty_uk_1994 says:

I would call my tiger shir carn of jungle book :D

Jordirexman says:

I would name my tiger Nana. Its japanese for Seven

Victor Bello says:

Siegfried, my son would love this app.

mlumb says:

I would name her Widget.

Methscabs says:

I think my kids like tigers and animals. I am too old and grumpy to look at animals, I just eat them.

dkaye87 says:

I would name him Nomnomz

Jonas_ni says:

I would name my tiger pocho

teejaywhy says:

I would name mine Tiikeri (tiger in Finnish).

mgmiller68 says:

I would name my tiger 'Tigger'.

Pnut says:

My son already has a name picked out. Pouncy!

Dave says:

You can take the tiger out of the wild, but you can't take the wild out of the tiger, so it has to be "Tigrrrrr!"

Scottrbaxter says:

My little girl says she's name her tiger Lana...

Amir Haddad says:

I'd name it like an apple product:
iGer 4p
(p is for paws!)

DRB says:

I would name mine Bongo. Always wanted a tiger named Bongo

Bacco says:

Nimre...that's what I'd call it.

jjgalloway says:

I would name him "Kitty Kitty" after our same names house cat! My 2 yr old would go nuts over this app.

IceyShanks says:

If my two year old has anything to do with the naming it'll be "Sally!" I think we have three dolls and a half dozen stuffed animals all named Sally, man does that make things confusing.

Gabriel Rimi says:

I think the best name would be Kinectiger lol

Rakesh Narang says:

I'd name my Tiger - Drigger (name of Ray's "magnificent tiger in BeyBlade Animation series).

Eric says:

Duh. I'd name him TiPb.

Vols187 says:

I'll name my tiger : Homer

A.J. Martinez says:

I have five kids... please?

Chief203 says:

My daughter loves this game! She would keep her tigers name - Orangey!

Brian says:

my son will name it poopyhead...probably!

Gilson says:

My daughter would probably call him Toby, named after our Scottish that died last year.

Chief203 says:

My daughter loves this game! She would use the same name as her tiger - Orangey!

Kristy Lo says:

The TiPb Tiger is only appropriate...however likely it would be something like Zoltar, because my kiddies would pick something like that!

Rod Preece says:

This is for My Girlfriend "Roary" she will take care of him Honestly!

Aaron says:

I would name my tiger Bailey. That name sounds so cuddly.

Barry Loy says:

Fuzzy, because my son seems to be calling all cats fuzzy lately.

Walter Melgar says:

Either Cringer or Battle-Cat, by the power of Grayskull, I have the power!!!!!

ayee says:

I will name it as Felix.

Carly Matthews says:

I would name my tiger Tippy, after TiPB. :)

Carolyn Hayes says:

I'll name my tiger Brandon (after my forst BF and my best ever cat from the pound).

thebrocode says:

I would call it "Rawr" lol

andsoitgoes says:

Talira, a mix of my daighters' names :)

futurix says:

iRawr or iPurr or just iTiger :-)

Lilrandy80 says:

I'll. Name my tiger. Angel

Lilrandy80 says:

I will name mine angelpup

Sliptrap says:

I'd name mine "Allen Badillion Traherne" but I'd call it Mississippi.

doubleb5 says:

Tubby, after his favorite website.

dloveprod says:

I'll name mine Ibn, office could be right around the corner.

nephelios says:

I would name it Lumavirisa

Tugs4Life says:

I'd name my tiger chicataco!

John C says:

I'd name mine Tipp Bee. ;)

smacone says:

I would call it Tiger Wood. The one that won't cheat on you.

Braun00 says:

i would name my tiger - "Lion"

Mike says:

My daughter is going to flip out when she sees this... She loves this game... She names them all Nemo... Every pet is named Nemo...

Joshua Pingley says:

I would name my tiger "Perry". Also, this game looks too cute!

Angeleb says:

My 3 year old loves the kinect version!

Dadof4 says:

'skittles' this is my daughters name for her Xbox 360 tiger and I am sure that is what #2 would be called.

Christian says:

I would call my tiger "Meowth"

Victunes says:

My tigers name would be Cuddly

Mike says:

My son desperately wants a "Jinga"

Chai Kwan Kua says:

This will be a great game for kids. I will call the tiger Tigor.

VP says:

I would name Tigra..

Snowy737 says:

My cute and cuddly tiger would be called BowChickaWowWow of course

Momtee says:

I will name it endangered

BoopathyD says:

Arkanine will be a great name :D

Mich says:

I'll name my cub...Yogi..well the reason is u say? Cuz I love yoghurt! LOL

David C. says:

I would name him Scrappy

Khaled Al-Rammah says:

L'l me ! ( I've changed it to iTiger ! ... don't ask !)
but I wanted to ask ... what's wrong with you iphone copy of the game ??? you have a black tiger ! ... you need to take care of it a lil' more and get it cleaned young lady !

Khaled Al-Rammah says:

Or maybe I'll call it: iTiger (I can hear the music in my head right now ... oooohh the " i " of the Tiiiiiigeeer ... dom .. dom dom dom .. dom dom doooooooom !)

Zeyad says:

I would my tiger OS X 10.4...

jmleib says:

Since my daughter would play and name it, I'm sure it would be Princess, since she names everything Princess.

Keith Yohn says:

I'm not really sure what my 3 year old would name it, but I would love to find out.

Michael Paul Bernstein says:

Mine would be named Falcor after my favorite Luck Dragon

James says:

I'll name my tiger Regit! If you spell it backwards then it becomes Tiger!

James says:

I'll name my tiger Regit!
R.e.g.i.t = t.i.g.e.R

Spob says:

Yes, I know it lacks imagination, but how can you not go with Tigger

Assyafiiq Omar says:

Borneo if male,Softpaws if female.

Assiddiq Omar says:

I would either name it Puss without Boots or if that's too long then Fuzzball (Fuzzball sounds perfect actually)

Anis Hakerz says:

My tiger's name would be Alaska

BrandonEvon says:

I would def. Name mine Rajah...

Smmiami says:

My tiger's name would be Kai

jeroen says:

My tiger would be called Harimau which means tiger in Malay

Girlblue556 says:

I would name it Callista. It's Egyptian for the most beautiful.

kiwiruss says:

I think my kids would love this for christmas

pivale says:

Bongola, in memory of my late WoW hunter pet

gonzotwins says:

My daughter would love a new tiger cub... "Butterscotch"!

Apexmi says:

I'll let my daughter name it since she will love this app...

Freiteez says:

I'd name it Cortana. Big halo fan here

George Sabourin says:

Rory. From Doctor Who, so if it ever dies... you know it'll come back. Cause Rory never dies.

Josh Gun says:

My tiger's name would be Tigger.

Azaman says:

would love to win this one,

Migueel McCommunist says:

I would like to enter the contest! My tiger would be named Niko...

Matt says:

Probably call it Monkey-Butt

Matt C says:

Oh wow looks brilliant, I'd call my tiger Tuscan:) I'd like a copy please, thanks.

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