App Giveaway: Paper Monsters for iPhone and iPad

Paper Monsters is a new platformer game for iPhone and iPad. In the game's world, everything is made out of paper and cardboard, including your character. It's a classic 2d side-scrolling platformer placed in a 3d environment.

I am loving this game! Paper Monsters has great graphics that are also very fun. My favorite little feature of the graphics is that sometimes things like trees and bushes pop up in front of or behind you in the 3d atmosphere.

Dive into the world of Paper Monsters and watch a living world made out of paper, cardboard, and a few cotton balls unfold right before your eyes.

Paper Monsters takes all of the classic 2d platforming elements, combines them with cutting edge graphics and then packs it onto your iPhone or iPad.

  • Classic 2d sidescrolling gameplay with gorgeous 3d environments.
  • Original and adorable characters
  • Awesome original soundtrack - headphones recommended!
  • Fun under water and flying powerups.
  • Two control types: "floating" Joystick or classic touchpad
  • Game Center Leaderboards
  • Adventure and Hunt for hidden Game Center Achievements
  • 16 Large Levels across 4 unique worlds
  • Tons of secret areas!
  • High score dash mode for endless replay value!
  • Airplay Mirroring
  • Fun for all ages
  • Universal for iPhone, iPod, and iPad


We're a big fan of cute platformer games, here at iMore, so we're giving away Paper Monsters to 5 lucky readers! For a chance to win, just leave a comment below! Must have a US iTunes account to win. Apple's rule, not ours!

Paper Monsters is available on the iPhone and iPad for $0.99.

Have an app you'd love to see featured on iMore? Email us at, tell us about your app (include an iTunes link), and we'll take a look.

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Leanna Lofte

App and Photography Editor at iMore. Mother, wife, and math instructor. Follow her on Twitter @llofte and send her apps to consider for review at

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There are 81 comments. Add yours.

Nelson says:

I want this game so bad.

Dorothy says:

Great giveaway. Hope I win.

Ross Mangles says:

Hehe. This game looks adorable :D little paper people :3 art that moves!

Jrres says:

Looks like a fun game

G323q569 says:

I would LOVE to have this game, it looks so fun and colorful!

althea says:

Looks cute! yes, please. ;)

Daniel says:

I want to play this game so bad!

Panther Dan says: daughter will love it.

Prudence says:

Crescentmoon games are the greatest.

Douse says:

I hope my name is mentioned as one of the winners.

Collin says:

I've been wanting this game so badly!

Nick says:

looks a bit like little big planet!

Melvin says:

I was told this game is excellent.

Shawn says:

This game is on my short list.

Sentenial says:

Looks great! I'd love a copy

bangbang023 says:

I'd love a copy. I've been looking for a good platformer.

rann says:

Thanks for the chance!

Enzo83 says:

would love to have more games to play.

wamphryi says:

Sign me up, have been thinking about getting this but winning it would rock.

nstark07 says:

LOVE those old-school platformers and would love to give this one a shot!

whnn says:

Sounds like a great sidescroller game, count me in.

F.mendoza says:

Also, A gifted copy would be nice.

gnehyw says:

I have been wanted to play this game.

Eric says:

Looks incredible. I'd LOVE to win a promo code. Please.

Drew says:

Looks great and will be a must buy for more when the planned iCade support is added.

foggylemon says:

Would love to win this! Had my eye on it for a while.

Andrew A says:

I don't have many good apps and this seems like a great way to get one for free. I would really love it if u guys could pick me because I'm a big fan of ur blog and I really need a new game:)

Storm26 says:

Just signed up and would love to win my first contest!

mark says:

I'd liketo have this game, please! looks great!

Matt says:

Could always use another distraction from work.

xxDruMMer BoYxx says:

Hmmmm looks interesting. Would love a code. Thanks iMore.

jeroenb42 says:

Looks very nice. Would not mind winning a code!

jshaver05 says:

i want like this game please thank u

JNCOMAN1636 says:

This game looks pretty Kool....Think I might buy it!!!

Cytotech says:

Looks very similar to Little Big Planet on PS3, which my family LOVES!!
Would love to have a copy gratis!!

Firas says:

This looks like a lot of fun. Love the graphics!

bratakeroffer says:

.ypoc eerf a evah ot evol d'I

Marzmaxima says:

The game looks fantastic! I would really love to win it.

jcb18 says:

My kids would love this game!

SaharaR says:

Hi there! This game seems very fun! In fact, reminds me of Mario Bros. I want it =)

Jane says:

The game looks great. I hope I can win!

Braun00 says:

I would like to win this...!

iMarlon says:

Amazing! Thanks for the opportunity ^^!!!

Katz says:

Great app! I want it!^^

Lesa McMahon says:

So cute. I'd love to win.
BTW, when does this giveaway end?

Matt C says:

I'll take one please:)

tylerevan says:

I wouldn't mind winning one of the five! This game looks really simple and fun, hope it does well.

jwsnj3rd says:

Looks pretty cool Id love a copy