App Giveaway: Safety Photo+Video for iPhone and iPad

Safety Photo+Video is an iPhone and iPad app that lets you protect your photos and videos from prying eyes. It's equipped with a dot pattern lock system for extra security, and in addition to being able to lock the entire app, you can lock individual albums.

You can now keep your most private photos and videos away form unauthorized access. Introducing the Safety Photo+Video. Used the most advanced security system to protect your photos and videos. You can then browse, organize, share, and manage your photos and videos right on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

  • Dot pattern lock style for higher security. (New)
  • Universality : This app is developed for both iPhone and iPad, you need to purchase only once. (New)
  • Photo Geotag and EXIF data viewing. (New)
  • Support Video. (New)
  • Passcode lock for individual album. (New)
  • Passcode locking style. (combination, keypad lock)
  • Selectable stylish theme, yet easy to use interface
  • Take private photos and videos from within the app.
  • Extremely simple to import photos and videos from photo library
  • Export photos to your iPhone/iPod Touch.
  • Create albums for your photos.
  • Passcode protect individual album.
  • Supports move, copy & paste.
  • Full Retina display support.
  • Upload/download from PC to iPhone via web browser/iTunes file sharing.
  • Share photos and videos within 2 iOS devices with Safety Photo+Video installed via Bluetooth/Wi-Fi.


The good folks at Eightythree Technology have given us promo codes to give away to 5 lucky winners! For a chance to win, just leave a comment below!

Safety Photo+Video is available on the iPhone and iPad for $0.99.

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There are 119 comments. Add yours.

Joseph says:

Looks like a cool app would like to get it for my iPhone 4

Randy b says:

This is nice I have a free one called album pro works the same way but this one maybe better

wamadden4 says:

Looks like a useful app i can use on my iPhone 4.... please pick me!

CJ Kanash says:

Pick me please! I REALLY need it!! ;)

mespinoza99#IM says:

Looks cool, but maybe a little too 'Droid like.

Santiago Gutierrez says:

This is a comment and an attempt to win this application.
Woah... :)

hassan ali says:

Marvelous. Send me the codes.

Johnny Huynh says:

Would love to check this out! Thanks!

Thebreeze says:

Should be good for all sorts of problems

Kareem says:

Cool, guess this is my entry! :)

Yigitcan Akkas says:

Looks like a useful app, i can now stop worrying to carry my private stuff around with my iphone.

Ricancruz718 says:

I need this app please choose me iPhone 4s must have

Lewis says:

would like this app for my iphone.

Craig says:

Good looking interesting app.

Bryan says:

Cool app. Hope I win.

dk2000zx says:

OMG That's just what I neeeeeded to store some private pictures!!! I hope I win!!!

Andrew says:

I need this to hide my girlfriends pictures!
Please get me a code before my wife finds the pictures...thanks

Winglee says:

I really love the app. I have the free version. Hope I can try the full version on my iPhone 4s!

Wayne says:

Pick me!!! Love the app! I have the free version! U guys rock! Want to try the full version!

Andre says:

Sounds like a great app!

Tyler says:

Looks like an app worth posting for.

paan_halim says:

Hi. What a nice app. I wish i can have that app. :)

prewanabe says:

I think this could be useful.

ravee3rd says:

I like the description of this app, and, since I'm no longer jailbroken, I sure could use a way to have locked albums. Thanks for the chance, TiPb!

Mark says:

So need this app with kids playing with my phone.

Sentenial says:

I wouldn't mind a copy! TiPB is the best.

Sentenial says:

I wouldn't mind a copy! TiPB is the best.
Thanks! (sorry, wrong email)

Dimi says:

Thanks for the giveaway! :-)

Mungoflea89 says:

I wanttttttt plleassse :D

djayme7 says:

the safety dance is the chance to do the, do me baby!

lamonicaj says:

What an awesome idea!!!! Loving the combination lock the best!!!! I need this for those nosey friends.

Alan_Tan says:

Is there a trial version for us to try it out?

Ginbill says:

This would really come in handy on a daily basis for me

awesome_man_nurse says:

I want one.
"Why couldn't you just put the bunny back in the box?"

S evans says:

I would Lust to have this app. ( ; )>

c_man says:

This looks great, thank you very much!

Tallon says:

I had something like this on my BB Storm and it would be nice to have it on my iPhone...

Peter Dunn says:

One of the features I miss from my BB.

Woodman500 says:

Would love this, the other app i use is useless

RichieHD#AC says:

Would love to have a high quality photo lock app. Sign me up for this giveaway!

iGrannyApple says:

I once had someone make an inappropriate comment about one of my grandchildren. Protecting these would be very important.

Enzo83 says:

I've always wanted one of these things and jailbreak was nice...but don't want to jailbreak again so in need.

Cbay27 says:

I would love to win a copy. Great application!!

Torrens says:

Awesome. Please count me in.

Irfin says:

Nice UI for unlocking, especially the rotating dial. Count me in please

Ben Ragunton says:

I have this app and was severely disappointed with it. The photos are still quite viewable through either the photo app, of if a person gets into the settings app all that person has to do is go to the Wallpaper setting and all the photos are available for viewing.
It doesn't really look the photos and their albums at all. It only appears locked if you should choose to look at the photos through the app itself. It doesn't look the photos when viewed through other means.

john says:

Looks very practical. Thanks!

nik says:

Look like a good app to safeguard photos.

Bob says:

This is cool. This sort of security should be on all machines.

KoreyAusTex says:

Would love to try it on my 4S.

randy s says:

would like to have this app!! looks great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bacco says:

You could never be too safe.

John S. says:

looks awesome tired of people picking up my phone and playing with it this would help, love one

Leo T says:

Would really like to try this one out.

Frank says:

This is the answer to my dreams

Leon says:

Never tried this before, but I'm gonna leave this comment in hopes of wining.
Thanks iMore ^_^

kk says:

looks interesting. could come in handy for other apps too.

rewnation says:

this would be a nice addition

Billy says:

Would love to have it to keep "prying eyes" outta my pictures.

irateb says:

Ooo! Ooo! Pick me! Pick me!

DonS50 says:

......and the winner is 82..........

Cydeus says:

I can still remember my reluctance to switch over to Cydia from Installer

dsump says:

Lots of people signed up, looks like a great app.

vishhh says:

I think I need this app please :-)

Matt says:

This App would go great with my Tin-Foil hat. I could take pics of all the places where I buried my money.

Vishal says:

wow ! i was looking out for something similar like this :-)

Sutasinee says:

I have a lot of photos and video to hide from my husband. This app will be good for me to do that.

Jeet says:

I need this on my iPhone!!

jeroenb42 says:

This looks quite good and will come in handy. Would like to win a code.

Psyko825 says:

Sounds like a cool app, I'd love to give it a try

kirbini says:

Super cool. In for one.

wamphryi says:

Would like to win one of these for my new iPad2. Been looking for something like this.

ricnmar says:

I had an app like this on my old droid phone. It was useful for taking a snapshot of an ID card and keeping it locked. I did this for my son's SS card. He never carried it and needed it when he was applying for work.

Jason says:

I wouldn't mind trying this app out. Thank you!!!

jrlbruins says:

Just bought the new Iphone 4s

KLieu says:

Would love to give this a Try :)

hewsdaddy says:

this would be super handy

jasondesco says:

I would love to have a copy of this app.

Chris says:

I have been searching high and low for exactly this type of app and would love to have it !

Alice says:

I'm crossing my fingers. Hope to win.

Amelia says:

Sounds like an interesting app. I would LOVE to use it on my new IPAD !!! :) Pick meeeee ! :) :)

anthonyrt says:

Security is the name of the game!

hewsdaddy says:

did i win this yet? did anyone?

john5804 says:

id love this app. what a cool way to lock your phone. i want it ;)

kiwiruss says:

looks like a neat app. enter me in to win please.