App Giveaway: Skyfire Web Browser

Skyfire Web Browser, the popular iPhone and iPad app that lets you watch flash videos, received an update today. Now it will suggest videos that you will like based on what you've watched. It's like Pandora - for video!

Skyfire Mobile Browser 4.0 offers a new feature which intelligently suggests related videos based on the content you are browsing – It’s an entirely new way to discover video and live video streams.

Watch Flash Videos

  • Brand new must-try Video Recommendation Engine which intelligently suggests related video based on the content you are browsing!
  • Skyfire allows you to watch Flash videos that otherwise don’t work on iPhone.
  • Enjoy videos from sites like South Park, The Daily Show, Justin TV, and more.
  • More than 200,000 websites supported and new ones added daily.
  • You can check support for you favorite site at
  • Just press the "Video" icon on the bottom left of the toolbar on a page that has a flash video.

Save Money while watching video

  • Our patent pending video compression technology saves up to 75% bandwidth while streaming video.
  • When you watch video using Skyfire toolbar, you can watch up to 4 times more videos while still staying within your data plan limits.

Awesome modern UI

  • Full-Screen browsing: use every pixel of that gorgeous screen.
  • Load page as iPhone, iPad or Desktop: access the full versions of your favorite websites for more features and videos
  • Private Browsing mode: Keep your browsing session private.
  • Popular content: Find out what’s popular on any website with the click one of a button.
  • Facebook + Twitter: Stay in touch with your Facebook and Twitter feeds without ever leaving your browser.
  • Google Reader: So you can stay in touch with your RSS feeds.
  • Share webpages: Using Facebook, Twitter, Email, Instapaper, PinBoard, Read It Later, Tumbler, and more.


The good folks at Skyfire Labs have agreed to gift 5 copies of Skyfire to our readers! For a chance to win, just leave a comment below! Must have a US iTunes account to win. Apple's rule, not ours! Must also provide a valid email address.

Skyfire Labs is available on the iPhone for $2.99 and the iPad for $4.99.

[iPhone App Store link] [iPad App Store link]

Have an app you'd love to see featured on TiPb? Email us at, tell us about your app (include an iTunes link), and we'll take a look.

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App and Photography Editor at iMore. Mother, wife, and math instructor. Follow her on Twitter @llofte and send her apps to consider for review at

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Jbbarrette says:

Would be a great addition to my new 4s!

Himoe says:

Yeah, would be nice to have a copy for my iPad too.

Yaron Oaknin says:

sounds great hope to win :)

Kayleen Jackson says:

Would love it on my iPad 2 Thanks...hope I win.

X5denali says:

This would be so good would prefer it on my iPad but would use it on my iPhone too!!

Ungamarunga says:

Oh yeah!!! Thanks for the tiP :) love to try the app

SmoothWitIt22 says:

Sounds good to me. Let it on meeeee!!

shagrath5 says:

That would be a treat. All the internet porn these days tends to prefer flash..

Ian Eberle says:

That's why Apple doesn't support Flash.

aera says:

This looks so much better than safari!

Quarks says:

Flash?!? ..... on iOS.... that will never catch on. :-)

Rex Pencoe says:

winning! well hoping anyway.

Richard Kirk says:

I could use it, I loved this app on every other platform I've tested it out on!

Jasonthetree says:

Ugh I could so use this, please and thank you.

SmoothWitIt22 says:

Sounds good to me. Lay it on me!!!

fedemancebo says:

I want to win! You are the best tipb

Josshcooper says:

Oh!this is the only app I need

Trock says:

Now thats an AWESOME browser for the AWESOME iPhone and iPad. It would be AWESOME if I can get the app free for my iPhone 4S and iPad.

Josshcooper says:

Oh! This is the only app I need!

Mandiekey says:

would be great to get this for my new Ipad2 - in my opinion it's the only thing missing from Ipad (flash). Thanks for the chance to win

Timm Smith says:

Would be fantastic to win this browser! I've only heard good things about it! Please oh please!

gibhyder says:

I would really like this for my iPad

Josshcooper says:

Drats, I posted from Pulse and it didn't seen like it went through. Now I've double posted.

Kharib says:

Flash on iPad will make it my ultimate device! Goodbye windows laptop hello iOS

Loc Pham says:

Hope I win a copy for my 4s coming tomorrow! :)
Cheers to tipb!

Matthew G. says:

I've been meaning to try this out but every time I remember to I don't have any money!

MrCornfed says:

Liked this on my woeful old Android phone, be nice to have on iPhone

donaldsolsen says:

I would love this on my iPad 2. Sounds cool.

Caleb Wilson says:

This would be a completion of the browsing experience

Charlie Wu says:

Here's to my chance. Lets go skyfire and tipb!

Kylemer says:

Flash on my iPhone would be great but what would be better is flash on my new 4s :D

BeyondtheTech says:

Bought the iPhone version, wouldn't mind winning the iPad one!

Jim says:

Flash would be great on my iPhone. I want this app.

Han D says:

I want to win skyfire web browser for iPad so I can rock those flash video web sites with skyfire!

Carlos Castellanos says:

good luck to everyone!
I want this browser >:D

Osumailguy says:

Don't have to saw what we would watch with it? Cool ...putting my name in the hat!

Israr says:

Awesomeeeeeeee...I want one

ebahou says:

sky fire would be useful for me, my school's website is predominately flash based!

Basecamp26 says:

This is the missing link from iOS 5! Getting this app would also make me better looking and smarter

iCanadian says:

:O When you say "Must have a US Apple ID" this doesn't include Canada does it?

Thomas says:

Would love to use flash on my ipad :-)

dloveprod says:

I want the iPad version, already have the iPhone one.

Victor says:

I would like that app.

Sportsfan76215 says:

I would love to own this for my Iphone. Skyfire is great I use to use it on my Android phone. Now that i switched to the Iphone, I qould love to see flash!!

Dennisgarcia says:

I......WANT.....NOW..!!!!! .....please?

Gushue says:

Sounds cool! I'm very excited to get some new apps. Moving from a 3g to the 4s.

Kary says:

I would LOVE to watch Flash on my iPad!!!

frozen.inside96 says:

Hope I will be able to win first app from TIBP

Tanker57 says:

I need this for my new iPhone. Pick me.

ROSES5682 says:

Great giveaway. This app would be the icing on my new iphone4s cake.

Trent says:

Hey why not? Looks cool.

Seewyte says:

No pie in the sky with Skyfire! Love it on my iPhone, can only imagine how awesome it must be on the iPad.

Neto96 says:

New iPhone user want it!

Twittly says:

I would LOVE to win a copy :D I have tried 3 or 4 other web browsers and this one seems very cool. Good luck to everyone else.

Justin Adams says:

I absolutely loved Skyfire when I had my old old Windows Mobile phone and I enjoyed playing with it on the iPhone. It's such a great browser and def a must have for anyone with an iOS device!

CYNiK sXe says:

Hey i'd love to win a copy for my iPhone!

Kfor says:

Good app i like flash

tbro4033 says:

Ahhh I'd love to have skyfire running on my "outdated" iPhone 4 :-P

Ryan says:

Cool stuff!!! Can't wait to use it...

Paul T. Corrigan says:

I will love to get Skyfire to be able to use flash on my iPhone

Hkperljam says:

I have been wanting to try this browser for a while. Hope I win.

rickylee626 says:

Give away more Apps!!! Especially the more expensive ones!!! haha.

FreeWilly says:

Nice would be a great ad on to my ipad!

Gumby8888 says:

I'd like to win this app for my wife

Tommy says:

I'd like to give this one a try.

D0minoid says:

count me in for a chance at one

WatersWest says:

Yes, I would love a copy please!!

dieselboy28 says:

I'd love a copy for my iPad.

AppleLifer1 says:

I would love to have Skyfire on the 4s I'm planning to buy.

EC says:

Would love to win a copy for my iphone. This was the great app on windows mobile and even better on the iphone. i'd still get it for the cost too, but it would be great to win.

Anti_Ponjin says:

Yes, Kindly enter me as well. Iphone 3GS

fabsgwu says:

I'd love it for the iPhone for those rare cases when HTML5 video isn't available!

Ezday42 says:

Skyfire and ios5 perfect combination even better when its a free copy for my iphone

nerister says:

my brothers all use android phones and rave about flash on their phones,this will prove them wrong and make me look good with my iPhone.

Kmbusiness says:

I love the sky fire app and the flashy world it gives to me.

Justin says:

I would love to win one. Thanks!

Andrew says:

I want to try this app out someday. Will you provide me with a free copy ? lol

the surgeon says:

i would love a copy of skyfire for my ipad

helen c says:

hoping to win one for the ipad

Rondistar says:

I would love this! My first iPhone ever will be delivered tomorrow! Good by Droid incredible..y stupid hello Apple love!

williamsyee says:

Greatest browser for iPhone!

Bill Kim says:

I would love to have Skyfire on my iPad so I wouldn't have to drag my laptop out for training sessions at work!!! Gimme gimme gimme!

tyrran says:

I've been watching this app for a while, and if I don't win a copy I'll probably end up buying it. Here's to hoping!

Mikeed8986 says:

i would like to try skyfire out. lemme have it please!

m_jameson1 says:

The iPhone 4S will be my first Apple device since the 3rd Gen iPod Classic. I have been an Android user for almost 2 years now, and ready to check out everything iOS. Will really miss (kind of...err...maybe not) Flash. This would help me transition. THANKS!

Fokas914 says:

Tipb is always amazing giving away things like this! Would love to show it off!

Hahnee7 says:

want it for my ipad. hate laptops!

ANiMeX says:

Awesome app to watch streaming videos online. Hope to win one. Thanks!

Josh Lafferty says:

I guess if I have to look at FLASH content on my iPhone, this is the best (and nicest looking) way to do it...

Syd Mhsn says:

Ahh its an amazong app for iPhone & iPad looking nice!!

Piseth_nhem says:

I just had my first iPad. So I hope I can use Skyfire with it.

pivale says:

Skyfire is awesome!
Although I didn't buy it yet, I played with it in a friends iPad... Awesome!

Kenan says:

i've always wanted to try this out. will be cool win this

Luizpc says:

Great way to get to some old pages that still use the ancient flash!

Mr. Chitlin says:

I would love to have a copy In for the win!!

Qintuit says:

Used it on Droid before flash was available and it "just worked"!

Dhigley says:

I'd love to give it a shot!

asggold says:

Please ad me to this one. This would allow me to FINALLY see my own companies web-page on a iPhone/iPad.

Polaraman says:

I want it! I used it on Windows mobile and loved it!

Kristin says:

My ipad would be very happy :-)

Kristin says:

My ipad would be very happy :-)

Steven Spalten says:

I would be interested in winning either, but the ipad version would be very cool to show off flash on my apple device!

Paul says:

I am excited to try this out.

familyguy615 says:

As always, I appreciate Tipb giving us the opportunity to get free stuff - I hope I win!

cgambill says:

Thanks! Hoping to win a copy of this program. Have heard lots of good things about it.

Mitch says:

I'm fairly new to owning an Ipad2 and have heard the Skyfire Web Browser enhances what you view. I would really appreciate the app if I received it.

Phil Castonia says:

I am interested in this for sure, but the reviews do not look that good. One way to find out is to win this giveaway.

Casey Creutz says:

Love the giveaways from TiPb. And Skyfire would be awesome to have to make up for the shortcomings of Safari!

Rob says:

Awesome. I would love to watch me some Yahoo flash trailers.

Ridesouth says:

Sky fire one way to get the job done

btgoodlin says:

I wanna play play with a fancy browser thing! Pick me.

Virus1024x says:

For all you Gears Of War fans outh there, "SKYFIRE!!!!!"

mak93 says:

Would love this for my new iPhone 4s which is taking impossibly long to be delivered.. I've been camping out on my fraternity's front porch perhaps a bit too eagerly.

2you555 says:

I would love to try flash on my iPad. (⌒▽⌒)

Diesel says:

Love to win for iphone

Pnut says:

I need to see Flash!! I need this app!

Pzpierce says:

I'm new to the iPad and new to your site, but already have a need to do Flash training videos for my job. Wouldn't I be lucky to win Skyfire?? So sweet...pick me, pick me! Thanks for your good work.

Kevin21 says:

Oh cool! Hope I win a copy.

kojack says:

I ran into a problem traveling with my ipad and needed to watch a specific how-to video...but it was a flash video which cause much frustration :(

Dpglez_pr says:

I really need it, I need flash in my iPad

MikeCTZA says:

Great !!! I hope it will work with some of the flash sites I'd like to use to watch some sport vs having to watch on my PC

Dschro103 says:

I can't agree more!!! I was recently sitting next to a person with an IPad 2 like me, and he's sitting there watching college football games live as I was trying to on the "Watch ESPN" app and I was so upset because I could not access the coverage because I'm an AT&T ipad2 and he was a Verizon ipad2. in trying to find out on this site if I can change coverage to Verizon from AT&T (which now I know I can't) I stumbled upon this app. it may not help with the ESPN app (hoping it will though) but I am very much hoping at it solves my other many many let downs of not being able to access so much of what is offered because Apple refuses to add Flash and it's the main too needed to watch SO much media on the net. thank u Skyfire high hopes for success on this app

elavum says:

My 4S is here any browser whichcan play flash will be a plus

Chenzo5151 says:

Sweet give away always wanted to try this but 5 bucks for something I'm not sure off? I know it's not alot of money but I have wasted more before. Would love to win for my iPad or iPhone 4

Almaz says:

A free version of Skyfire would be nice. Clever app. Can't wait to try it!

DayumQuitPlayin says:

Not sure when the giveaway is over, but here I am. Hopefully not too late =]

Edgar Vega says:

I hope I can win the app I need flash for my iPad now!! xD

MAC says:

Woo hoo! I knew there was a reason I held off buying this! Because I'm gonna win it from TiPb!

Bsmith52 says:

Wow...just what I've been looking for! I felt "left out" when I couldn't watch some viedos... Ain't technology awesome.. even us "older" chicks learn something new everyday! Maybe I'll even get lucky and win the Skyfire Web Browser for my iPhone. Skyfire Labs rock!

Kevin says:

Hope this skyfire works

Lorenzo says:

I have been looking for a means to watch flash driven videos on my Ipad since I got it! Where I stay there is no Tv so my iPad is all I got. Now I could at least watch a more variety of video ! Thanks,

free stuff without surveys says:

I must have mistyped "," because that's where I was trying to get when I got the same scam. Luckily I'm skeptical of everything and didn't proceed.

Jimmy collibs says:

I really want this app!!!!

Debby Truly says:

The "official codec" from MS did not work either.