TouchPad 4.0 for iPhone, iPad

App Giveaway: TouchPad for iPhone and iPad

Last week, TouchPad 4.0 for iPhone and iPad hit the App Store. This app works as a secondary trackpad and keyboard for your computer. One of the cool new features of the update is that you can use Siri to input text to the keyboard, and thus your computer.


Because we love you so much, TiPb is gifting copies of TouchPad to 5 lucky readers! For a chance to win, just leave a comment below!

Must have a US iTunes account to win. Apple's rule, not ours!

Have an app you'd love to see featured on TiPb? Email us at, tell us about your app (include an iTunes link), and we'll take a look.

Leanna Lofte

App and Photography Editor at iMore. Mother, wife, and math instructor. Follow her on Twitter @llofte and send her apps to consider for review at

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Armanilove says:

I like this! Merry xmas!

Andy Myrick says:

i love remote apps for computers on my iphone 4s

lalakrsfan says:

Sweet...merry xmas to me!

Tim says:

Merry Xmas this would compliment my mac and apple tv perfectly!

Chris Muir says:

This seems like a good idea.

SimplyZBest says:

Would love to win this app for my iphone!!
Thanks alot Tipb for your sweet contest!!
Gluck All :)

Clharkey says:

Wow, what will they think of next?

Paula Holcombe says:

Very cool app.!!! My father has peripheral neuropathy (he can't feel his fingers) making it almost impossible to type. So I got him an IPad which he loves. To combine this with his traditional laptop via this App, would revolutionize his life.
Hope we can win NE for him! Thanks for the chance to win this great app!

Swav says:

Sweet app!! Giveaway also!! Woot!!

Marky says:

cooooool app!!!!!!!!!!!
ild like to have this application for christmass!:D

Ilan says:

It's true - I have missed touching my iPad's screen while using my MacBook... ;)

Clayton says:

Nice review of what looks like an Excellent app. I know I could put it to good use daily at work.

Jdkist1 says:

Would Be very helpful in our weekly Keynote presentations at our church. Thank you for the opportunity.

Lizardflaco says:

I'd really, really like to have this app...please?!? : )

Fabio says:

I really love to win this app! It's awesome!

rajkumr says:

Hope to win this time guys!!!
Would really like to get my hands on this!!! Been on my appshopper wishlist for ages!

Danny Tammaro says:

i love tipb giveaways!!!!!!!

Roland C Lauther says:

Great gift Renee, thanks a bunch. Joyeux Noel.

Hedwig Guerra says:

Another cool giveaway. Sign me up!

SmoothWitIt22 says:

Touch me, touch me, touch Me!!! My iPhone not my body!!! LMBO

Kylescompass says:

Sounds like a great app that I would definitely use!

Rosie Haller says:

Looks cool. I'd like to try it.

Allanb says:

I'd give it a whirl if I won, seems interesting.

Lniklaus says:

Would love to give gift to my grandson.

John Luke says:

That would be a great help to those with disabilities.

Dix99 says:

I like the sound of this app & I'd like to own it.

Tallon says:

this is so cool... I already use my iPad more than my laptop and it would be awesome to control it from a distance... one more step for Apple domination....

Al Samuelson says:

I would love this. Great for away from the desk.

Ziltoid says:

Very nice giveaway. It's going to make a nice Xmas gift to the lucky winner

Seewyte says:

Awesome. Just what the doctor ordered.

Zlannie says:

My Mac Mini would love this!!

Paulbourg says:

This would put a big smile on my face :-)

Vigue73 says:

Life is to short not to have one

Cmbayne2003 says:

Would be a great companion app for school with its speech-to-text function

Fred Aguilar says:

Tipb rocks! Always providing cool info and insight.

Mendelp says:

I would love to give this a try. Sounds like a great addition.

mdoades71 says:

Sounds cool. Would love to win.

Lloyd Grace says:

Pick Me Please! Pick Me Please! Pick Me Please! Pick Me Please! Pick Me Please! Pick Me Please! Pick Me Please! Pick Me Please! Pick Me Please! Pick Me Please! Pick Me Please! Pick Me Please! Pick Me Please! Pick Me Please! Pick Me Please! Pick Me Please! Pick Me Please! Pick Me Please! Pick Me Please!

Dyergan says:

I would love to win the so much, merry Christmas to all!

MrCarlB says:

I would sure appreciate being on the winning side with this one!

Justine says:

Naku!! Sana po ako mapili niyo para Manalo !! Kailaangan ko po yan........

Ken Rose says:

I would love to win! Hope everyone enjoys their holidays!

anjum says:

me to if i win would thank tipb

Michael Perlman says:

What a cool looking App. I would love to try it.

Aaron Z says:

Oh ya. I wonder if this app is better than rowmote. I hope so!

Radu Tanasescu says:

Oh my God this app is so cool, looks like a Mackbook Touchpad :D
Hope I win :D

sidthesquish says:

I saw this app come out and am interested in trying it, but was never sure if spending 5 dollars was worth it. I reckon winning this would solve that dilema!

Dudeguypal says:

Sounds awesome. Me want!!!

asuperstarr says:

I hope I win, Good luck everyone!

knowlivelove516 says:

Would love this especially when my magic mouse batteries die. Would be great to just use my phone instead of taking all the batteries out of my remotes lol

Westbrom1976 says:

Funny, "apple's rule, not ours".

tyler_zyco says:

Siri on my mac? Its a dream come true!!

JimG says:

I never heard of this program before today... it's really rice..
it would be nice to win something for Christmas....

Icebox93 says:

I would like this. Thanks

ricoe320 says:

Hook me up it's my bday today!!!!

wunhangios says:

ohhh.... perfect for my htpc setup!

Gusv65 says:

well, I'm told by my wife that I have ADD and are easily distracted particularly when I'm driving - so having an iphone 4s. I can concentrate more on the road be having Siri read and send texts. as well as calling or answering calls. not to mention the fact that is my close to my Bday and are coming up on a wedding aniverssary.

Rod Urand says:

sounds neat. Yes please.

Wrs says:

Would love to win a copy! Thanks for the chance!

Sddealhunter says:

I like the concept of being able to interact w my computer this way w my iPhone. I hope I win thanks!

Cultura Apple says:

Hi, i wish win the app, excellent post.

seegeedee says:

Looks awesome! Great giveaway!

JP S says:

I'd be interested in trying this

Michaewachowicz says:

Would love to give the app a try.

aspermont says:

I'd like to give this a try.

bobby says:

I would like a copy please

Sherlock says:

Very cool count me in for a chance. Thanks!

Dmosquera says:

I am sure i can several great uses for this app!
Thank you in advance!

Lili Z. says:

I have been looking for something exactly like this holy moly

Tony B. says:

Another great giveaway from your guys!!! Would love to have this app. I hope I will finally win one giveaway :)

Ginbill says:

Looks neat. I'd love to try it out.

chrisb3 says:

I'd love to try it out!

Derick says:

I could have some fun with this!

GervTini says:

That's an awesome app...HoHoHo

Bozzcm says:

recent convert from years of blackberry syndrome, love the apple products and would love to try this app, as apple seems to be light years ahead of the other guys!

ashley says:

(waves hand in the air)
Pick me! Pick me!

photobrain1 says:

That would be a very nice utility.

Christopher Nash says:

This is badass, wouldn't mind checking it out

Shlby4me says:

Sounds awesome, please count me in.

Alang9151 says:

My wife thinks I already have way too many gadgets and "toys" (what can I say, I dig electronics) which is why a TouchPad would be welcome addition to the "you're such a dork" family. Yes, I would love to win this!

Taylor Ling says:

Definitely will be nice for my iPad + Mac Mini combination!

Shay says:

This would be a great addition to a media center pc.

Richard W says:

This could be useful for my HTPC.

Nec Rapid says:

Gimme a code please. thanks in advance

MXDrake says:

Seems pretty neat,,, I wonder if it is usable on multiple computers?

Gjed says:

waiting with baited breath

conductorchris says:

There was a Gateway laptop with a touch screen from before the ipad days. It was awesome. Really made photoshop sing. Alas, it died. Buying a new laptop with that feature was prohibitive - yet we miss it. Now, here it is!

jhoove09#IM says:

Amazing app. I'd love to try it out.

jparker0717 says:

i switched to the mighty mouse when I received my new mac. I sold the touch pad with the old one and now miss it. I would love to thane the functionality of both.

Mjco04 says:

My first post comment! Lady luck strikes on the first~

BillJude56 says:

Looks like something I could use.

Alexander Rjaño says:

nice App, wanna give it a try.