App Giveaway: New Year Diet Month

New Year Diet Month is an iPhone app that inspires and motivates you to meet your weight loss goals of 2012. Each day has a new idea, tip, insight, or direction to help you on your quest to become thinner and healthier.

This year KEEP your new year's resolution to lose weight with the help of New Year Diet Month - a month of advice and motivation to help you on your quest for a slimmer, healthier body.

New Year Diet Month starts from when you first use the app - not from Jan 1st! - so it's not too late to start your New Year Diet Month today! You can also unlock all days early if you're feeling really eager - though to get the benefit of small continuous changes leading to large improvement (which is what New Year Diet Month is designed to do), try to resist that temptation and really get the best from each day!

New Year Diet Month is a collection of ideas to inspire you, insights into where you've gone wrong in the past, and directions to take. It presents one clear point every day to get you thinking, which, over the course of the month, will all come together to help make a new you.


The good folks at Breaking Art have given us promo codes to give away to 5 lucky readers! For a chance to win, let us know how much weight you hope to lose is 2012 in the comments below!

New Year Diet Month is available on the iPhone and on sale for $3.99.

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There are 30 comments. Add yours.

DjSingh says:

i have to loose 35 LB to be in shape...
Hopefully i'll be able to...

Rich says:

I am working on a total of 55lbs. I have lost about 12 since October 2011.
thanks for the offer.

Raiden38 says:

I wish to loose another 10-15lbs. I already lost 30 so far...

Zarrar says:

My target is to lose 35 lbs to move from obese to average weight. This app will be a motivator for sure.

Patrick says:

I would love to use 30lbs. I have lost about 20lbs last year.. and slowly gained back with losing focus. Haven't an app would help me stay motivated and help me to reach my goals and keep the weight off.

Pbunzey says:

In hopes of loosing 40lbs

Kristy_Lyn says:

30-40 lbs, already lost 25-35 now ;)

Jeremy says:

I'd like to shed 50 lbs this year.

techmom#IM says:

I need to lose and would really use an app that helped.

Allen says:

Currently 160
Hope to loose 10

John-Fox says:
  1. Lost 55 last year, want to get rid of the rest. Thank you.
CloM75 says:

14lbs of baby weight. Two children in 17 months, help!

KLieu says:

looking to slim down 20 lbs :)

smmiami says:

need to get down 20-40 lbs

Kyle says:

Im shooting for 30 lbs, 15 lbs each 6 months.

Seewyte says:

Only 45 left to go. Thanks for the support.

dougdog says:

Just started with micoach app which is awesome. This one would complete my desire to lose some weight and stay fit

dougdog says:

oh I forgot to post the weight I'll lose. 9 pounds or more

Bacco says:

7-10 pounds would be ideal.

Matt oaks says:

Hoping to lose 30 this year. It's not easy!!

Singh7 says:

I need to lose 15 pounds

Gizmocivic says:

My goal is 10 lbs & have a six-pack abs by summer. I'm doin it

enlightened says:

Looking to lose about 30 pounds. Can use all the motivation (such as this app) that I can get! :)