App Giveaway: New Year Motivation 2012

The hard part about New Year's resolutions is following through and we often need a little (or a lot) of help to stay motivated in the pursuit of our goals. New Year Motivation 2012 is here to help with inspirational quotes from some of the most admired individuals.

Begin 2012 inspired and motivated with New Year Motivation!

Every day for a month New Year Motivation will bring you specially selected motivational and inspirational wisdom from some of the most admired individuals on earth - Dale Carnegie, Anthony Robbins, Norman Vincent Peale, and more. Their words will forms seeds of ideas in your mind, help focus your direction and thoughts for 2012, and ultimately empower and support you to make this new year your best yet.

Your month starts from when you first open New Year Motivation - so you're not limited to starting on Jan 1st - and you can review your past days at any time. New Year Motivation runs on all your iOS devices at no extra charge- iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch - without requiring a data connection, making it easy for you to fit New Year Motivation into your busy life.

This year, start the year in the right frame of mind - with the power and inspiration to make 2012 your best year ever!


The good folks at Breaking Art have given us promo codes to give away to 5 lucky readers! For a chance to win, just let us know one of your goals for 2012 in the comments below!

New Year Motivation 2012 is available on the iPhone and iPad and on sale for $0.99.

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There are 45 comments. Add yours.

Navid25 says:

My goal of 2012 is to quit cigarettes

tacogy3 says:

Eat better to get my health under control

oliver says:

not smoking on new year

KLieu says:

Looks like a great app.
My Goals for 2012;
Keep motivated; Physically, Mentally and Creativly.

watcherorio says:

My goal is to hit the gym and bust out my big belly. ;)

Bondman says:

To read more books this year!

Carl says:

My goal is to make more time for myself and not work so much.

Rowanova says:

My goal is to get a better job. Among other goals.

smmiami says:

Eat better and continue to workout.

mrdenis140 says:

To become healthy for me and my family!

Dome says:

Volunteer more of my time to helping others

Steve Klayman says:

be a better person by bringing nicer and more positive. Karma

rtesorio says:

Get back in the gym and get back in shape!

Tommy says:

Evolve in terms of education to progress more career-wise...

SteveC says:

My goal is to quit smoking!

Shay says:

My goal is to improve my GPA.

DonS50 says:

Simple, have a number of goals that interact with each other to promote a major goal of a more perfect me :)

errade says:

I'm giving up freaking out about having to go to work every Sunday evening :)

djayme7 says:

pumping iron in my new gym!

Deborah says:

Organized the paper clutter in my home office

Mark L says:

To keep the weight I lost in 2011 off in 2012.

Jenn D says:

My goal is to get my bills and life more find time to get exercise fit into my crazy schedule...those old bills need to house time to reorganize!

babyblues197669 says:

One of my goals is to look at myself in a positive way. I am so tired of hating myself.

Billy says:

One of my goals is to test for and receive my Black Belt in Aikido.

Nate says:

My goal is to quit smoking cigs again...

FendrGuitPlayr says:

My goal is to drop about 35 pounds!

babyjsmom says:

Eat healthier and lose weight.

Kristy_Lyn says:

Being more active (joined karate) and eating healthier! One step at a time... :)

Jfmorenom says:

Be the best I can be!!! I'll follow my excitement!!

Matt says:

My goal is not to set any resolutions that I know I will break after the 1st week.....
....D*** just screwed that up.

jdub20 says:

My goals for 2012 are to become financially and physically fit.

Khyrk says:

Shed 50 pounds in 12 months.

eva says:

Love myself........................!

brittany says:

*Be thankful for what I have.
*Learn Something new.
* No more drinking soda.
*Be the best girlfriend I could be.
* Save money for a boob job!!!

FendrGuitPlayr says:

My goal is to slim n trim like my iPad.

frabas1 says:

lose weight. this is a must for me this year

lopezjayp says:

To pay my phone bill in time so that they'd give me iphone 5 for free when it comes in fal

Dave says:

Lose 50kgs and Marry my Fiance

joe_run says:

To gain weight by 10 kgs