App for That: How do you set up a reminder to make a phone call?

There are hundreds of thousands of iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad apps for just about everything -- so how come the one you need, the one you know just has to be there, is so hard to find? Enter TiPb's new weekly feature where staff and readers alike sort through the App Store and help you find just the right App for That. This week, Andrew asks:

I know there has to be an app that lets me set a reminder to call someone, then pops up an alert with a phone number so I can tap to dial it at the right time, but I just can't find it. HALP!

You can always use the notes field of the built in Calendar app, but this requires you to first open the contact's information, copy the phone number, then paste it into the notes of a new Calendar event, and that's just way too cumbersome for our taste. There are also many to-do apps that include this functionality, but in this case, less is more. For a better solution, follow along after the break!

Call Meet Calendar [$2.99 - iTunes link] allows you to set up Calendar events for phone calls. After creating the reminder in the app and designating the desired contact and call time, it automatically creates an event in the native Calendar app with a link of the phone number in the notes field. Additionally, the app adds links in the notes that open it to edit the existing reminder or add a new reminder. When it's time to make the phone call, a local notification pops-up and leads you to the calendar event. Making the call is only a tap away.

Call Meet Calendar also lets you to setup reminders for meetings, SMS, and follow-up. The premium version allows you to set up an unlimited number of reminders, while the free version [iTunes link] only allows 2 reminders per day and includes ads.

All in all, its a good solution. Would we rather see a call reminder feature built into the Calendar app with notifications that let you instantly make the desired phone call? Absolutely. Perhaps in iOS 5...

Bonus app: Reminders! Simple Todo and Alerts [$0.99 - iTunes link] is also great because, when accepting the notification, a new popup with notes and a direct call button appears.

Anyone else have any App for That suggestions for Andrew? Let him -- and all of us -- know in the comments.

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App for That: How do you set up a reminder to make a phone call?


Don't know about that but I'd settle for being able to dial from the location field for conference call appointments.

Contacts Journal is another great app for this! You can setup an alert for a particular contact. When the alert pops up later, it takes you into Contacts Journal to that contact's "dashboard" where you can make a call, send sms or email the contact. The app also registers that you made a call using the app, and it adds it to a history of logs for that contact so you can review it later.

Responsive is the app for you Andrew :
It allows you to set reminders to call back, right after you missed a call (or just weren't able to answer).
It also enables you to send pre-drafted, editable text messages.
You can check it out here :

What we really need for the iPhone is Later Dude! It was the most useful and, therefore, most used app on my bb. It schedules a call/text directly from the recent call list (would Apple allow that?). I can't tell if Responsive does that. If so, then I'm in. I don't really need to send a special message other than my regular voice mail message.

Peggy, Responsive doesn't do the exact thing, but it enables you to set reminders to call back. check out the Video review to understand more :
anyway, the recent call option is on the wishlist for the next version

The video review helped me to choose the responsive application. I found it very productivity and useful app.
Do you know if they also consider to send email as a reminder?

Alon, if Responsive could create the reminder from the recent call list it would beat all of the other apps. And, if I'm not asking too much, attaching to the native calendar. I love my iPhone, but going in and out of apps and all that tap, tap, tapping is frustrating.

Alon, if Responsive could create the reminder from the recent call list it would beat all of the other apps. And, if I'm not asking too much, integration with the native calendar (the version of LaterDude that I had did not have that either). I love my iPhone, but going in and out of apps and all that tap, tap, tapping is frustrating. I will purchase it to try it out. Thank you!

I used Agendus on the Palm OS and it was excellent. It's crippled on iOS. Apple needs to develop a true contact manager or allow full integration with the calendar and phone. As far as I can see, the only real contact managers for the iPhone are web based. Great until one finds themselves in a location with no signal.

Most task management/to-do apps allow you to set up call (or SMS or email or visit) reminders; some even link the reminder directly to the contact in your phone book, so all you have to do is tap on the number when the reminder pops up.
Just off the top of my head: Appigo Todo, 2Do, Awesome Note, InstaTodo, Pocket Informant.

Reminders! is all I use to call reminders. I tried CallMeet, but it was too cumbersome and I didn't see a need to have it integrate with the native calender.
I went through the search for this type of app and tried them all.
PLUS, Reminders! doesn't just do call/sms/email reminders. It will do everyday stuff as well and even remind you to check websites with the hyperlink in the reminder. It's as lite or heavy as you want it to be.
IMO, it's a much better value than CallMeet.

I hear you on that. I hated Reminders! for the longest time and felt like it was a waste of money. But, the devs have made some great fixes and improvements over that last few months that have made it much more reliable.

Try the "Alarmed" app. This app rocks in so many ways. It should be a featured app on the Tipb page. It's like the Due app to the 10th power. You can create a reminder that won't go away until you take action by opening the app, thus in the notes drop down you can put in phone numbers, email, and web addresses (which all three of these take action when clicking on them). It has a nice add contact to pull from you phone contacts in the notes section. Check out this app, best part is that it is FREE!!! There is so much more I could say about this app but you really should check it out for yourself. It is in my top three favorite apps!!!

I"m using Responsive for more then a month,it enables me to send SMS when i decline my calls during metting and set notification that pops up whenever i choose, very usefull application.

I cannot believe Apple hasn't got off thier booty on this already...
Not only for making a call but there should be a field to make an appointment link to a contact or multiple contacts. Then you could tap the address or several other handy functions.

I agree, when I first got my iPhone I couldn't believe there wasn't such a simple function included in the contacts list... even my old Sprint flip phones from 6-8 years ago had a "Call reminder" function.

I use "alarmed" both on my iPhone and my iPad. set a reminder, and add a contact, really simpel

I've used all of these apps. There still isn't one that lets you go directly from the phone number in Recents or Voicemail to set a reminder. All of them require you to go out of the phone list and into another app. In that app you have to find the contact-if they are a contact-or copy and paste the number-if they are not a contact-into the app. More often than not I am trying to create a reminder for a phone number that is not a contact. Most of these reminder apps are pull from the list of contacts. I do not want to make a contact out of every phone number that I get a call from.
It seems that this needs to come from Apple because here is how it should work:

  1. Call comes in and I do not answer it or I need to call it back.
  2. I would like to be able to go right from the keypad screen to the next step, but I doubt that will happen, so:
    2a. I go to Recents or Voicemail hit the arrow and in the list of actions to take that are on that screen-Call, Facetime, Send Message, Create New Contact, Add to Existing Contact and Share Contact-I tap on Reminder, or some other name-where I create the reminder to call when I choose to.

I realize that this getting into the native phone app/system which is why I believe that it has to come from Apple. Unless...
Is there an app that does that?

Hi Goobygoo - this is exactly what I'm looking for - did you ever find a solution/app to do it?

Thanks in advance,

Well, Apple has finally added this function! I haven't upgraded yet.
I've been using Buzz Contacts from SavvyApps
Buzz integrates with Due and Agenda and you can add phone call reminders from Agenda. I love the ability to find contacts from the keypad by typing in a few letters of a name.

Due is a fantastic reminder app. And, no, I am not employed by them nor related to them in any way. Just a happy customer!