US App Store: 500,000 apps later

US App Store: 500,000 apps later

According to 148apps, the US App Store has unofficially seen over 500,000 apps line its shelves since it debuted in June 2008. Only 400,000 or so remain live on the App Store today, for a variety of reasons, but that's still an incredible number.

Let’s get geeky and take a look at some numbers. From that nearly three years of data we know that you’d need a 7.5 terabyte iPhone to hold all of the apps available at once on your device. I guess we have a new high end target for the storage limit of the iPhone 5. Oh, and it would cost you $891,982.24 to buy all of the apps.

Check out their amazing, and amazingly big, infographic after the break!


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US App Store: 500,000 apps later


It's a shame only a very very very small faction of these apps are any good. Not a knock on iOS because it's the same across all platforms. All the companies boast app totals and neglect to be honest and tell consumers that maybe 1-5% of the total apps are even worth downloading.

Apple should gift me a $10,000 itunes gift card once they reach 1,000,000 apps, I'll be their fan boy forever.

How many of these applications are actually useful though? Also, when is Apple going to provide a way for users to know what permissions an application will have?