App Store Devs: Renew Your Contracts... When Apple's Good and Ready to Let Ya!

Almost a year ago, Apple held their iPhone SDK Roadmap Event and unleashed the App Store concept on the world. Developers signed up for iTunes Connect contracts, and now their first year is almost up and they need to renew.

One problem: Apple doesn't yet have a renewal process in place.

Wha-wha-wha-what? Erica Sadun over at Ars Technica (following an article in Apple Insider) looked into it and found the right side of the Apple didn't seem to know from the left:

When we explained that we were looking both to renew ADC memberships and to update iTunes Connect contracts, the representative instructed us to send a query to [...] We did in fact contact the iTunes Connect e-mail address, who wrote back to us saying, "Please refer to the Contact Us links at the bottom of iTunes Connect. devprograms should be able to assist you." Apparently 1 Infinite Loop does not just refer to a corporate street address.

Yikes! Hopefully -- for the sake of developers and those of us who want to continue seeing apps in the App Store -- Apple will sort this right quick.

Any developers manage to get a better answer from Apple?

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App Store Devs: Renew Your Contracts... When Apple's Good and Ready to Let Ya!

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I think this post's title should be "renew your contracts", not "contacts"…though I wouldn't put it past Apple to force you to pay them yearly to keep a list of people's phone numbers and e-mail addresses on your iPhone.