Apple announces location sharing app, Family and Friends

Find my Friends for iOS 5 and iCloud

During Apple's Let's talk iPhone event, Apple announced their new location sharing app, Family and Friends.

With Family and Friends, you can share you location with other iOS 5 users. You can set the sharing time to be temporary and the location sharing will stop automatically at the end of the day. It also comes with simple privacy controls and parental restrictions.

During the Keynote, Eddie Cue used an example of using Family and Friends while at Disneyland as a way to keep track of everyone in your group.

Who's excited to start stalking sharing your location? Anyone planning to use this as a method of keeping track of your kids?

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Leanna Lofte

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Reader comments

Apple announces location sharing app, Family and Friends


It sounds like a cool thing for keeping track of my daughter. But it also means my wife will be able to keep track of me. Not sure how much I like that. :)

Loopt has been doing this for my family & I for a long time. It was in some of the iPhone 3G "app for that" ads. Hopefully it will be well-integrated, working better and with less battery than Loopt.

Boy, I sure hope Friends and Family is a lot better than latitude. I'm an Android user and Latitude is almost worthless because of 2 things:
1. It uses cell-tower triangulation instead of GPS. This is great for saving battery, but your location is usually only accurate to within a few miles.
2. It only seems to update about once per hour. If I'm really trying to find a missing family member in disneyland, latitude would be almost zero help - unless I want to know where (roughly speaking) little Jimmy was an hour ago.

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