Apple Creates App Store Promo Codes! (US Only!)

Toby Vincent of SmudgeApps wrote in to let us know that along with general App Store distribution and the 100-device Ad Hoc method universities and beta testers have been using, Apple has just opened the door to a new system:

Apple has finally started allowing us to issue free promotional copies of their iPhone applications. Devs can issue 50 promotional codes for their application. The codes allow the recipient to download a full copy of the application for free. Codes can only be presently used in the U.S. iTunes Stores by using the "Redeem" link in the App Store.

This would allow developers to, among other things, get their apps more easily into the hands of reviewers, or give them away as part of a promotional/marketing initiative.

Vincent was kind enough to send along a promo code for their flagship App, Jam! Unfortunately, as a -- I guess undeserving? -- Canadian, I was barred from downloading it. Ah well, my loss will be the gain of one of our US based writers for now...

So, while this still keeps apps for the most part still locked into the App Store, does it give developers a little more wiggle room in their iTunes straight jackets? What else does Apple need to do to really help expose the now 10,000 strong catalog to end users?

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Reader comments

Apple Creates App Store Promo Codes! (US Only!)


i will pass. i already knew the reason for this. so you can easily fill up your 16 gig and will be tempted to upgrade to yet un- announce 32 gig iphone. thanks but no thanks. please fix the 3g first.

My 3G works great. And why the hate on for Apple when they don't control the 3G network?

Oh, and it sucks about the promo codes only in the US. But, I did walk into Starbucks the other day and got a free music download code. It worked on my iPhone!

Gab needs to quit throwing his iPhone against the wall. My iPhone 3G works great, and always has since I bought it. :lol:

If I filled up a 16gig with apps I wouldn't have any free pages left to even think about buying a 32gig. But I WISH I had 3g to complain about, I'm still on the original...

Unlike people talking about unrelated things, I will comment that promo codes are a good idea. Buying iTunes Gift Certificates is a hack.

This is fantastic...makes it so much easier than having to create ad hoc distribution! Thanks for the heads up...saw it here first. I'm surprised that Apple didn't notify the developers of this new feature.

Well, I also think it's a great idea. I'm still using my 16GB 2G iPhone with no issues except a few apps I'd like to see but haven't been created yet.
And so what if you fill up 16GB, that's why Apple put in 16GB anyway. 32GB iPhone, let it come just more room for apps, music, movies, podcasts, files, etc. If you don't like your iPhone stop complaining, and get rid of it like any other device that is unwanted and move on.

I had the same problem. I was given a promo code to review a new iPhone game, but when I tried to use it discovered that Apple only allows promo codes in the U.S.
I say BALLS to that!

This should pass on... It won't work though. They should make a 5$ one bcuz the lowest it goes is $15 Hello? Low economy here?!