Apple to Developers: Start Developing Your iPad Apps Today... with iPhone SDK 3.2 Beta (Sigh)


Apple has sent a note out to iPhone and iPod touch developers encouraging them to start developing iPad apps today... with the iPhone 3.2 SDK beta (!)

iPhone SDK 3.2 beta is now available to all iPhone Developer Standard and Enterprise Program Members from the iPhone Dev Center.

The iPhone Dev Center also provides additional resources including the iPad Programming Guide, iPad Human Interface Guidelines, Preparing Universal Applications, and sample code.

Log in to the iPhone Dev Center and start developing innovative applications for iPad today.

And yeah, Apple said from the beginning that iPhone 3.2 beta was exclusive to the iPad, but come on Apple, it's iPhone 3.2, are you going to throw the actual device, the one that hasn't seen even a hint of an update for months, a little love here?

Or are we going to have to wait for an iPhone 4.0 beta in March?

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Apple to Developers: Start Developing Your iPad Apps Today... with iPhone SDK 3.2 Beta (Sigh)

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I encourage everyone to jailbreak, it's like they forgot about us, so like the middle child we've become, we need to act out, my phone is about to become the equivalent of a rebellious teen whore, but instead of drugs and STDs it'll be jailbroken apps and themes....
Thanks for caring mom (Apple)!!!!

In the past, they reveal features of a new iPhone OS first by announcing features that are compatible with older devices, and then revealing the new iPhone/Touch with some hardware upgrades that, of course, are not available on older models. E.g., both the iPhone 3G and 3GS got notifications and cut-and-paste, but only the 3GS has a compass and video recording. The compass and video recording weren't billed as OS 3.0 features, but rather of features of the next hardware model; but, of course they are also OS features in a sense.
Anyway, Apple does that for psychological reasons that are very important. You know how Apple users get upset if they feel like they are being cheated out of or are missing out on new features.

The iPad will probably fade quickly, but right now they are trying to generate designed-for-iPad apps so there is a good selection in time for the product sales launch.
After all, they don't want their sales to be hurt due to the fact that there are no iPad-optimized apps in existence yet, only iPhone apps that you can make zoomed and blurry.

Actually this is quite ominous for the next iPhone hardware revision if you think about it. We are just too close to the usual release time for new iPhones.
I don't particlarly care about the iPad at the moment (unless some app developers come out with some really interesting productivity applications that really make use of the tablet form factor) but I was hoping to upgrade my aging iPhone 3G to the 4th gen.
Yet with the iPad and iPhone OS 3.2 being released at the end of March at the earliest it doesn't make sense that Apple would then release iPhone OS 4.0 along with the 4th gen hardware only a matter of 3 months later. Devs need time to work on te new SDKs as they are doing now and everyone will still be focused on the iPad even after its launch. Plus it seems natural that the next iPhone will be even more similar to the iPad at least in terms of its guts, so an iPhone release so soon after the iPad, which is trying to establish its market, would cannibalize iPad sales. Apple may not bother about cannibalizing another product that may be nearing the end of its life, but I can't see them doing that with the iPad. I think Apple will want to keep both the iPad and iPhone goig forward.
So we can be wishfully thinking and hope the new iPhone still comes out in June/July or be more realistic and see that with the timing of the iPad release we are probably looking at a September release at the earliest for iPhone 4.

You have no idea!!!
The iPhone 4.0 beta will be released in march as usual and the next gen as usual in June. That's just the way it is!!!

This has me worried, now the iPhone won't be attractive to developer as the screen is small, so the iPhone will be left the scraps while the apps are designed around the iPad so the iPhone apps will be missing many features.

@8 I don't think you need to worry just yet. Developers know that there are 75 million potential customers right now (and growing!) for small-screen iPhone apps. And currently 0 for iPad apps. Sure it'll probably be a couple million in the first year, but not 75 million. So I'm actually worried about the opposite- that Apple won't be able to spur developer interest in iPad-optimized apps, esp. when developers think they can just make a small screen app and it will run on iPad anyway (albeit not taking advantage of the bigger screen).

Apple is making it very easy for iPhone developers to target the iPad. Look for thousands of apps to be available at the launch. Nobody is going to want to miss this ride.

Here's the bottom line. I think the ipad is just a big itouch. It has an upgraded os, but for the
oat part just a big version of what we already have. That being said, I'll probably buy it.

So u need a home computer or a laptop to sync the ipad? I know it's not a stand alone device bit it would be nice if it could do more by itself. It would be nice if it had a desktop version of iTunes on it as I would like to be able to sync my iPhone with the ipad
in the future I think it would be awesome if the ipad could dock into a base computer that would allow it to function as a complete computer ( like a dock that would boost it's abilities) then be removed and taken wherever you go even if it had limitations away from the dock comp. It would be cool if they could make the iPhone os and the osx work together through a transition device like the ipad.... I'm not a techie I just think it would be cool

The iPad will revolutionize the textbook industry, textbooks are waaaay too expensive, Apple will cut deals with McGraw-Hill and the likes to sell academic books at drastically reduced prices, it will display textbooks beautifully, and for that reason alone they will target college students extra hard.

The only thing I'm concerned about is whether 3.2 will allow some of the iPad features on the iPhone. You can change the background on the iPad, will this be available for the iPhone also? If any of the UI upgrades are available for the iPhone then this is quite significant. Any devs know if this is true yet?

@Stervegas: indeed. It seems archaic that we still have to turn on another computer and use a USB cable to sync. My old Palm TX could sync over WiFi at least.
What I would have liked to see Apple implement though is an easy, automatic way of syncing all photos, music, and a nominated documents folder with the TimeCapsule or any other home networked drive so that all my files are kept in several places avaliable whenever I need them without leaving computers on. I don't want my files disappearing into the cloud somewhere I would rather have them automatically sync over my home WiFi network.

@Dryland: yes I would like to know this too. Like will the shared directory feature make it into the iPhone and be generally avaialble to apps so that more 'complex' workflows can be accomplished bringing the iPhone closer to being a true pocket computer? E.g. Download a file via email/web/whatever in one app, edit the file in another app, upload/send the file back via email, web, etc in another app.

All interesting points. I thought for the past year there's a hole in the market where most people just want a good mobile device that allows communication, email, web and games. They don't all need the big programs some of us use. This could help to fill that for sure.
As a developer I already have a couple of ideas that can find a home on the iPad that would not find one otherwise. I think it will be another hit, especially with V2 updates later and six months worth of apps out there.

I downloaded the iPad SDK and I am starting to develop software for the iPad pretty soon. (Publish it here:
The reduced functionality are a great plus in my eyes. All the unneccessary possibilities in Windows or MacOS just keep you from doing what you actually want to do...

I can't even sync smart playlists to my iPhone properly, it's massively in need of an update!

@Dennis sez, “You know how Apple users get upset if they feel like they are being cheated out of or are missing out on new features.”
Umm, for the example you cited, what was the alternative? Somehow call up the StarTrek transporter beams to put the faster CPU and compass hardware into the old 3G devices?

I'm not so sure they will release another iPhone soon. Maybe towards the end of the year but not now. They can go a long way by revamping the UI to add sone wanted refinements, but the 3GS itself is still really fast and has a lot of life left. I think apple will role out a major software upgrade along with the ipad release. Make current 3GS and 3G owners happy while spicing up their launch of the tablet.
I'm going to get the base 3g ipad I think. Keep it cheap, then pass it on when the next gen comes out with eye tracking navigation:) hey I can wish!

@Walt: I don't think I made myself very clear. I think Apple does much more to keep its iPhone users satisfied than other companies. We all know that one of the things Apple does differently is updating the OS on existing phones. What I was trying to point out is that Apple does the updating in a way that extends some of the new features to older iPhones, but gives people the option not to use the new features that don't run well on older iPhones. However, Apple simply can't announce iPhone OS 4.0 features mid-way through the iPhone upgrade cycle, or give any indication of them. Once a phone is two years out (like the current original iPhone), Apple can't really do much about supporting new features. So, revealing details about iPhone OS 4.0 would be like saying, 'This is how your iPhone 3G will be obsolete in 5 months,' and, 'Here's why you shouldn't buy an iPhone 3GS and wait until the next model.'
I read on Gizmodo that the iPhone OS 3.2 SDK (the one specific to the unreleased iPad at this point) has rudimentary multitasking and support for video calling built into the OS. My guess is that the presence of rudimentary multitasking in the SDK means that apps written for the iPad on OS 3.2 will be made easily compatible with multitasking in iPhone 4.0 (or whatever version is for the iPad).
The whole point of OS 3.2 is to provide a stable and definite app development environment before product release, so that by the time the iPad ships, the ball will already be rolling. Apple can easily plan it so that they can immediately upgrade the iPad to iPhone OS 4.0 without breaking all the iPad apps.

All True sure, no doubt, but it is now just 12 days until the official launch of the product and still we dont even have an SDK capable of even submitting to the app store, what kind of whacked world is this?