Apple improves app discovery in the App Store with new 'Browse by category' option

For as long as the App Store has existed, Apple has been looking for ways to improve app discovery. Over the years there has been several improvements and it's come time for yet another. As announced on Twitter yesterday but seemingly only rolled out to the majority of users today, Apple has improved the 'browse by category' option.

The option was always there to browse by category but it was a bit buried behind menus and wasn't exactly visually appealing or user friendly. The new way of doing things not only looks better but feels more functional as well. If you fire up the App Store now you should see the new options showing for you, and the best part is it applies to both iOS and the desktop App Store to keep things familiar.

Have you given it a look through yet? If so, let us know what you think in the comments.

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Reader comments

Apple improves app discovery in the App Store with new 'Browse by category' option


Could they of made it look more boring? I mean let's pick some different colors or something. I am still going to use the drop down menu.

For some reason at times I cannot connect to the App Store, whether with wifi or cellular data. Why is that?

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I'm already using the categories option that's buried behind menus. So it was't of much of surprise to me. But lot of efforts has gone into it, like when you get into Productivity Section you get app grouping such as Brainstorming, Worksmarter, etc the way we expect it from apple.