Apple promoting their own apps and services in App Store search results

Apple promotes stock apps in some App Store search results

Apple seems to be promoting its built-in software within iOS App Store search results. Search terms such as "browser", "SMS", or "messages" will yield a card showing one of Apple's built-in apps as the first result, with a link at the bottom of the card that will take you to Apple's web page about the feature. Frederico Viticci of MacStories:

This morning, I noticed a tweet by Lukas Burgstaller with a screenshot of Apple’s Safari browser showing up in App Store search results for the “browser” search query. I did some tests, and I’ve discovered other search results advertising built-in iOS system apps and features with banners and links to open an app or read more information about it. I’m not sure when Apple started displaying their own built-in apps in the App Store search results, but it’s an interesting (and, I believe, good) idea worth discussing.

Viticci does note, however, that this could push developers and third party apps further down the search chain, and if Apple starts taking over too much of the results, could cause them problems. Check out his article for the full story and let me know what you think.

Source: MacStories

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Apple promoting their own apps and services in App Store search results


I saw that the other day when I was browsing the App Store. It was a neat feeling to see Safari on there, but with it not having any kind of interactive feature(s) I felt like it was odd and out of place.
I almost got excited about the potential ability to delete stock Apple apps that I never use, like Stocks, with the confidence that if I never needed to install them again, they'd be waiting for me on the App Store.

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