Apple Push Notification Service Available for Testing... Today!

Apple has just let developers know that they can start testing the upcoming Push Notification Service starting today!

Start testing your applications using the Apple Push Notification service today. Log in to the iPhone Dev Center and review the Apple Push Notification Programming Guide and Getting Started video. Team Agents can log in to the iPhone Developer Program Portal and proceed to the App ID section to create the components necessary to enable and test applications using the Apple Push Notification service.

So, what Apps do we want to see getting pushy? Twitter clients? Instant messengers? Fart Apps? Let us -- and your favorite developers! -- know.

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Apple Push Notification Service Available for Testing... Today!


If anyone needs someone to test some kind of push notification I would be happy to do so! You can find me on twitter mattshall

TWITTER! really would love to see tweetie with push notifications. like a sound when you got a tweet/reply/DM and a number on the icon that tells you how many tweets you have, and when you get an DM a pop up window would be nice:) (also disable those things would be good for those people who get tons of Dm's)

@ropiko Problem is that /twitter/ doesn't do push notification itself. I've been trying out (XMPP gateway for Twitter) and am really liking it. Sure this method lacks some features of Twitter clients (using an IM client instead), but perhaps this opens the door for a merged IM/twitter app.... :D

twitter and im for sure!
i emailed Loren Britcher (tweetie creator) and she said she would love to do push BUT twitter would have to do some heavy lifting on their end so we will have to see...

For me, personally, audible alerts would only be used for IM because it's a "right now" form of communication where people expect immediate responses if my status says "Available." I'd probably just use badges for Twitter, Facebook, and anything else.

Excited for PhotoShare to get push notifications. For those who don't know, think visual twitter. Other great apps like ColorCanvas.

I would definetly say skype. If I could know when some1 is calling without having to have the app of that would be awesome. And any app on my phone when a new update comes out

Twitted but only with badges. Otherwise I'd get an intrusive alert every 5 seconds.
Msn apps are mainly all ibwant push for.

Push email already exists on the iPhone, PNS on the iPhone can kind of offer a indirect push email I guess but it wouldn't be true push email...