Apple Releases iPhone 3.2 SDK Beta 5 for iPad


Apple has released iPhone 3.2 SDK Beta 5 for iPad and developers can commence their downloads via

As always, it will take the deep code divers some time to figure out exactly what's different in beta 5, and let us know about any hidden goodies that might be inside.

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Apple Releases iPhone 3.2 SDK Beta 5 for iPad


Them posting those Betas for the iPad is agitating. I don't know how people get excited on this without really knowing what your working with other than using an iPhone or Touch. April 3 I think I'm gonna be even more agitated because there probably won't be a 3.2 release for us. LOL

I hope apple doesn't make the mistake of ever letting the ipad and iPhone be on different firmware numbers at the same time...

The fact that the iPhone is running a dif version OS than the iPad makes me wonder if 4.0 and the new iPhone hardware won't come out for LONG after the iPads release. I mean think about it, we only get a completely overhauled OS once a year that coincides with the debut of the new iPhone hardware. Why would they release the iPad in April just to give it a completely new OS in June or July?!? AND.....they still haven't said anything regarding the iPhone at all....last year we got 3.0 beta to play with.....

I think that there has been basically no iPhone news at all for the past few months because Apple wants all the hype on the iPad until launch.
After the iPad is for sale we will probably see the spotlight switch to hyping the next gen iPhone and with it IPOS 4.0 pretty quickly.

That's my whole point, it doesn't make sense to release the iPad only to upgrade it's OS to 4.0 4 months after release. If that's the case they should be advertising with 4.0 capabilities.

Why wouldn't it make sense. How about surprising people and really giving them what they have been asking for. Don't make people
regret getting the iPad. I've said it time again
the iPad UI looks too plane. I think they are hiding something. Just have to wait and see.

iPhone 4 in June= loads of Revenue
OS4 for ipad & iPhone in October= loads of Revenue
Get used to being drip fed, Apple know & we should know this is one key factor in their business formula!!!

Shortage of Digits. Stop Commenting!
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Post numbers roll over back to 1, after the 10th post. Whats up with that?

@Buffdaddydeluxe (with nod to Lollywood) It makes perfect sense: release iPad on 3.2, then bring the two platforms in line with the benefit of early iPad reaction with 4.0.

I'm beginning to believ that there will be no new iphone this year, and no 4.0 (certainly for iPhone) this year either. I expect Apple to alternate iPhone/iPad hardware launches annually, to keep the focus on each product.

Maybe it's not so much that there isn't an iPhone 3.2 or 4.0, because they may exist. I think apple is only releasing the SDK for iPad because they want developers to focus fully on the ipad. The iPhone is a pretty succesful product, and apple really needs the ipad to be kickass.
I don't mind waiting a month or two or five for an OS update.

After the iPad is for sale we will probably see the spotlight switch to hyping the next gen iPhone and with it IPOS 4.0 pretty quickly.