Apple Remote 1.1 Now Available in App Store... With Genius!

Apple's iTunes and Apple TV Remote App was one of the first -- and arguably still one of the best -- releases via the App Store back in July. We loved it in our original review, and now that Apple has pushed out a 1.1 update, there's a tiny bit more to love:

  • Create Genius playlists
  • Create and edit playlists in iTunes

An obvious update, given how the feature has headlined iTunes 8 and iPhone 2.1 (and iPod Touch 2.1). Hopefully this will also solve some problems for those who experienced them post update.

Still no support for Front Row, however, which is perplexing given how great that service makes the Mac Mini media center. Please get on that, Apple!

Get in now via the iTunes App Store, and check out our pics of the new functionality... after the break!

(And thanks MAB for the tip!)


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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Apple Remote 1.1 Now Available in App Store... With Genius!


Does it support controlling shared libraries? My music is on my mac, but my Windows laptop lives downstairs by the home theater and I'd love to be able to control the iTunes on my laptop and have it control the SHARED libraries on that computer.

As far as I can tell, it's actually removed the functionality of being able to select which speakers are on (i.e. computer, airtunes, whatever) from the iPhone! Am I just blind?

FYI "They’ve also updated the location of speaker selection. Previously, you could select an Airport Express, Apple TV, or Built-in Speakers from the settings menu, this control has now been moved to the “Now Playing” screen"

So it has! They've actually made it more convenient! I rescind my earlier complaint! Sorry, Apple!

So when are they going to allow my iPhone to control a presentation (Keynote|PowerPoint) on my Macbook Pro? That's the remote I want!

This needs to be made into a Widget for those of us in office environments that use iTunes as a company 'jukebox' over shared speakers.
That or a simple desktop player for all iPhone Apps. :P