Apple removes Dashboard-style apps from iPad App Store


Here are the first (to our knowledge) class of apps to get removed from the brand new iPad App Store: Dashboards.

Desktop, for example, no longer shows up via its iTunes link.

These apps leveraged the large iPad display to offer multiple windows and mini-apps/widgets to get around some of iPhone 3.2's 3rd party multitasking constraints.

We're waiting to hear a reason for the removal. Even if it duplicates the rumored functionality of the upcoming iPhone 4.0 software, that'll be little comfort to the developers who invested time and resources into these apps.

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Rene Ritchie

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Apple removes Dashboard-style apps from iPad App Store


wow. please....please...proofread your articles before you post. i counted at least 4 things spelled wrong which ruin the entire post, even despite its short length.

I only count 1 thing misspelled ... And don't comment if you're just going to hate. Comment about the subject of the post.

  1. People whine about grammar/spelling errors on TiPB a lot, and I've never really understood why. Does it offend you personally? I mean, you got the message, you understood, and it's no more trouble to read something with errors than without. You aren't paying for quality, so what's with the irritation?
  2. It is true, though, that if you're going to publish something, you should doing a basic check for errors. They don't irritate me, make me mad, or compel me to gripe about it, but they do make whatever is written look less professional.

@jman. Go to another blog if it bothers u that much. Last I check tipb gives away free stuff all the time and the blog and podcast are free. Remember at the end of the day we are all HUMAN so we can make mistakes. Deal with it

Rene occasionally refers to himself as a journalist. Grammar and spelling critiques come with the territory. He made a mistake, and, when it was pointed out, he not only corrected them, but admitted the fault in the comments. I have seen plenty of more "reputable" sites silently correct not just spelling errors, but factual errors, as well. Yes, he should have proofread, but he publicly "took it like a man" when called on it. Move on.
Back to the topic, I hate to join the doomsayers, but this is the type of behavior that is going to kill the golden goose, or at least keep it from reaching its full potential. I remember back in the day people at MS conferences would try to feel out what Microsoft was going to do, so they could stay out of the way. It was no coincidence that soon thereafter many of the "cool kids" had moved on to other platforms, and, while MS is still immensely profitable, the exciting work happens elsewhere, and MS has lost whatever buzz it may have had. Apple seems determined to create that same uncertainty among its developers. The iPhone/iPad are too hot to feel any blowback now, but in a couple of years...who knows?
(And if Dashboard was removed not because they are competing with an Apple 4.0 feature, that does not make it better because nobody knows why, least of all the developers who spent time and money, presumably in good faith, making them.)

you ain't reading a wall street journal, nyt or a text book ... You r reading a blog post n just appreciate their efforts ... I believe it's a small group of individuals ... So no editors... N every individuals as an editor by their own

N abt the post .... I'm a big apple fan but this kind of stuffs is destroying apples own image ....
How would these kind of activities assure developers tht they won't b doin the same with others too ..... Common apple .... Or u shldnt have qccepted the application at first ....

Bloggers aren't unpaid amateurs. They expect to be treated as journalists, make money from their postings, so can expect to be held to the same standard. Rene took the criticism for what it was, and corrected the mistakes... like any professional. Any medium that takes paid advertising has a responsibility to its advertisers to ensure it presents professional copy.
On the topic, it is disconcerting that Apple didn't have the foresight to advise developers if a whole category of apps is not acceptable due potential conflict with its inbuilt apps (something they should have learned from past experience). They could make the argument in the past that it was new territory but that doesn't wash this time around.

it's not fair that this happened, but when you're developing for a company where everything is shrouded in secracy this type of behavior is to be expected, i agree that Apple should have never approved the Apps in the first place.

From my point of view, your English is much worse. Don't you dare to even comment when your English is worse? Just for your information, '...' is not an official punctuation mark and is also wrong. Please use capital letter for the first alphabet of every sentence.
So you trying to act like your English is so good?Think twice.

wow all comments aren't even about the article but about the writing. crybaby puto. good post

I hate to add to the bickering but ... is an official punctuation mark. It is called an Ellipsis.
Unfortunately jman does not know how to use it properly.
An ellipsis is a series of three points with spaces between them (. . .) inserted into a quotation to indicate the omission of material from the original quotation.

@Anderson - um, your wrong. "..." is a punctuation mark. It is called an ellipsis. Here's a link to the grammar page of the English Dept. at Rutgers University.

Developers who create the types of apps which already exist by Apple, should be wary of being pulled in the first place. The developers of all of the ToDo apps have been very fortunate, so far. Apple could've created their own to sync with iCal early on, then yanked all of the third party versions.

The agreement said you could not run interpreted code. The Dashboard apps, from what little we know of them, did not do that.
Since no such Apple app exists, I think this situation is more akin to what happened with Podcatcher (believe that was the name), when Apple refused to allow the app, saying it duplicated Apple functionality that did not yet exist. Perhaps an iPad Dashboard is also forthcoming, but how is a developer supposed to know that?
That is the problem -- not that bad developers skirt the issue, or that even that developers should be wary of certain types of apps, but that good faith developers has no idea what they should be wary of in the first place. That discourages devs; not much at first, while the iP** are so clearly ahead of other platforms, but eventually. It bit MS, and it could bite Apple at least as hard.

whew....dodged that bullet. And for a split second there I actually considered buying the iPad. I guess I must of forgotten about Apple's insane app store "policies"
Forget it. I'll save up and get a proper tablet.....and be able to install and do with it what I please.

When Apple does this, it's like telling developers: "Don't do anything that hasn't been done before. Don't take risks. Don't think differently. Just make the shloads of the same crap, unless you are a major online content owner."

Grammar and spelling don't really bother me. I do, however, blame Rene for turning me into an Apple freak! And it absolutely sucks to see everyone getting their iPads when I'm forced to wait for my 3G/WiFi 32G. Ugh!

Our application got rejected last night. I will not offend Apple for this, sometime, it's necessary to pull off some types of apps, as iPhone community grows such as sexy apps (I don't believe they were accepting those). But it is also not fair to developers who spent a lot of effort to work on those projects. At least, Apple should clearly state what are okay, what aren't okay, if anything not stated, and not against the laws, then it's their fault. Apple should have reviewed the statements before starting game, and it's not fair to change the rules while the game has already began.
Sorry for my poor English. English is not my first language.
Best regards,

wow. please….please…proofread your articles before you post. i counted at least 4 things spelled wrong which ruin the entire post, even despite its short length.
Ahhhh maybe you sholud start ?
Full stop and lower case i ???? Capital dummy.
4 things spelled wrong ???? 4 things spelt wrong

It's not spelt wrong; it's spelt wrongly!
("Spelled" is how the Americans write "spelt", so we could probably let them off for that one).

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