Apple TV bugs: Sorry we could not reach the Netflix service...!

Apple TV bugs: Sorry we could not reach the Netflix service...!

Turn on Apple TV, click through to Netflix, find what you want to watch, press play and -- "Sorry we could not reach the Netflix service. Please try again later. If the problem persists please visit the Netflix website. (112)" I've had this problem consistently lately and the weird part is Netflix on my iPhone and iPad -- on the same Wi-Fi network! -- work fine. It's only Apple TV that has the problem.

And apparently I'm not alone.

In my case I couldn't watch anything. A simple power cycle fixed it but some of the folks we've heard from still suffer the bug intermittently no matter what they do. Have you had Netflix refuse to perform on your Apple TV? Let us know what happened, and what if any fixes have worked for you.

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Apple TV bugs: Sorry we could not reach the Netflix service...!


I get this problem quite often. I always assumed it was on the NetFlix server side (being overloaded). I keep trying until I get a connection. Sometimes I can't get a connection so I give up. I'll try resetting the ATV th next time it happens.

I've been experiencing the same issue for more than a week.
I thought the problem was with Netflix.

I get this once in awhile, just unplug the Apple Tv for about 15 seconds then plug it back it. So far it's worked everytime.

I haven't gotten that particular message, but Netflix is definitely buggy on Apple TV. I do get other messages, and yesterday the throbber was spinning indefinitely. But it always works on my Roku or computers.

I had that problem with windows media center seven. Or something similar, and ipad access worked just fine

Had similar problems and narrowed it down to my router running DD-WRT. Turned off DNSMasq (apparently later builds offer of DD-WRT offer a "no dns rebind" option that should work) and it's working again.

I have been getting this sine the 1st week I had atv. Unplugging and plugging in resolves it for a few weeks. When it comes back. Do it again. Has happened less since 4.2

Have the same issue about weekly. Sure a simple power cycle fixes it short term, but shouldn't an actual FIX from Apple be the goal. I also have a Roku and just switch to it sometimes and continue. None of these devices are as reliable as cable tv, but I so want to be done with cable tv.

Yes, yes and yes. Seems ok for last month but I was having all sorts of errors including not being able to pull up films by genre. I did the reset thing and that fixes it most of the time. Almost took it back to Apple.

If I'm not getting that error the service is freezing and constantly buffering. I never experienced these problems in the 2 years I used Netflix on my XBox. It's getting so frustrating I'm seriously considering getting rid of the AppleTV in favor of a Roku or some other device that Netflix is more reliable on. Really hoping Apple/Netflix get the issues solved and soon.

The problem is with Netflix. I get the same message on my Bluray player and my Samsung TV intermitently too. Haven't had it on my apple TV yet. But I've only had it a couple of days.

I prefer Netflix on my PS3 at home, but I wanted to pick up an Apple TV just for a travelling streaming Netflix device. I decided to hold off when a friend's Apple TV consistently showed this problem, even when the computers on the same network were able to connect. Perhaps it is time to give Roku another look...

I get this problem several times a week. It's really annoying but a reset usually fixes it, but not always. Sometimes I just have to wait it out (which can take in excess of 8 hours). I called Netflix and they said that it was an issue with the ATV, not them, and that they have had a lot of people calling in about this lately. They suggested taking the ATV to the Genius Bar at Apple. Hope this gets fixed soon!

What type of connection are you using, wired or wireless? I had similar Netflix problems on my TiVoHD and an HTPC when they used WiFi. I switched to wired and the problems disappeared.

@Josh- interesting I'll try that. Are you using Apples wifi? I am and I get both the Netflix issue and buffering. I power cycle to fix Netflix and just click back and forth several screens to get the buffeting to stop.

Yes, I also get this fun little message now and then. I usually just walk away from my beloved little AppleTV before I get so enraged that I throw it out the window.
Today, my Roku XDS is supposed to arrive via UPS. I'm excited.

look at all you sheep making excuses for a busted product. My Ipad had really bad reception too but I just lay on top of the modem now so its not my ipads fault. Just admit apple tv is a wasted of money and take it back.

Ok i think im done. I bought the iPad just so i can tell my friend that his iphone sucks and the iPad really didn't disappoint. Its a nightmare of uselessness and issues just to do something you have been able to do for 10 years now. I can watch netflix on my tv now: its called video out people. my iPad is so useless its not even funny. My palm pre can run circles around this pos. sheep like you disgust me buying this garbage.

I had this problem all the time. I finally just unplugged the power cable from the apple tv box then plugged it right back in. That seemed to fix it right away. I've had to do it only one other time since then.

I had this problem once. Power cycling did NOT fix it. What seemed to work was to deactivate/reregister with Netflix. After deactivating the Apple TV on the Netflix site, I waited about 10 minutes and signed back in. That was two weeks ago.

Actually it's been buggy on my PS3 the past few days also. Would give me an error that said "This video is not available for viewing at this time, please try again later" but I would just try again and on the second or third time it would start right up.

I have had continuous problems with Netflix on my Atv and finally I went back to my 360 with 0 problems. Not going to go back to Atv until it's for sure fixed.

I am getting the same message on my iPhone4. Restarting it doesn't help, cycling the signal either.
We will see how long it lasts.

I have had the problem twice since I got my Apple TV in October. I assume both times were on Netflix side, because both times a day or so later I got an email that they were giving me a credit for the inconvenience. About 3 cents each time, but since I had not contacted them, and they sent it to me automatically? No worries.

Ogni - I can't see a way to change the apple tv ip in imac network settings or sys configuration. Will you expand on that?

I've at ATV2 since October and been using Netflix on it for most of that time with zero problems until today. Now I get this message and can't get anything to play. Unplugging did the trick... but what an annoyance.

Just had this problem. I tried re-connecting to my network, but that didn't help it. The only thing that worked was unplugging the ATV and plugging it back in. In the meantime, Netflix was fully operational on my MBP.

Same problem. Worked fine up until this past weekend. Streaming still works on all my other devices (Tivo, Wii, iPhone, etc) - it's only an issue with the ATV. It's weird how you can interact with the account in all other ways, but just can stream. A power cycle seems to have fixed it for the time being.

I had this issue a few weeks ago and after trying several times through out the day I finally unhooked everything and left it that way. Later that night everything came right back up, no issues. Then it happened again today, after my daughter had watched a thomas the train video with it.
I have it unplugged and am planning on powering down the computer too to see if that will help again.

I had to reset the date and time on the ipod. At first, I tried to report a problem, it told me to set the date in system settings. After doing that, netflix worked!

I had the troubles for a week straight then I lost Netflix and most menu items off the iTV main screen. I performed a reset which required all the updates to be reloaded and it worked for another week. Now I am down again. Oh the fun...

Not sure if anyone has had this particular problem yet, but last night my Apple TV uploaded a new update, which effectively made our netflix capabilities disappear. All previous settings were still there after the update, but Apple made me sign into my netflix account, which it never does. When I did, it gave me the following error: "We are unable to connect with the netflix server." Power cycle did nothing. Reentering my login did nothing. I eventually fixed it by going to netflix, clicking on my account, and then "manage Netflix ready devices and computers," which can be found in the "watch instantly on your TV or computer" box. I deactivated the Apple TV. Then reentered my login on the ATV. Works fine now. My theory is that the update inadvertently changed the device's ID, and netflix didn't know how manage the new device in place of the old ID. Who knows. It worked. that's all.

My apple tv still, from time to time, has problems connecting. I simply reset the apple tv, re-entered my account data and then it seems to work fine. Still have problems accessing some tv shows.

Same here, something must be up today. Reboots dont help. Its been happening alot the last 2 weeks. Im getting a Roku

same problem here works on the computer but not the ipod. i even restarted the ipod and reinstalled netflix

I'm having the same problem on my IPAD, it just started a few hours ago. i keep trying to watch netflix but nothing. Turning off the IPAD didn't work. How long is this going to last?

I am trying to tether via verizon and android...same exact error....its why i bought the tether my ipad!

Try turning your apple device off and then turning it on again.
it woked for me. Good luck !!!!!!!!!! :)

I came here because I had the same error code as everyone else in the thread! I simply unplugged and restarted my apple tv and it's now working! Bravo Vanessa.

I have had the same problem. Go to settings>General>Network>Configure Wi-Fi> Select your Network then re-enter password. Good Luck.

Me too..I just pulled out apple tv plug and gave it a few mins and then started it reset perfectly!

It happens to my i phone 4 and I pad. I tried everything and still won't work. My tv and I Mac work fine from same Internet.

Was playing fine on iPhone but as of 6/21/11 haven't been able to get past the 112 error. Netflix website says no such error code!!

I was able to watch netflix fine when I first set up the apple tv but now I keep getting the message listed above except with the code (104) instead...My 2 roku players, my macbook pro, and my iphone all work fine with netflix, but no the apple tv so I have to assume the problem lies with the apple tv...i have reset the apple tv and still no luck...if anyone knows how to fix the problem I would love to know...I am fine using the roku players I have had no problems with them but I got the apple tv for my birthday so I could stream my home movies, itunes, and iphotos, would be great if apple tv would work with netflix as well.

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