New Apple TV with Netflix integration coming tomorrow?

Netflix for iPhone

Citing "two people who asked not to be identified", Bloomberg is reporting that Apple may indeed be ready to drop an all new Apple TV (iTV?) tomorrow at their annual special music event.

Netflix would, as usual, require a monthly subscription. Whether or not the new Apple TV would run iOS as previous rumors have suggested, and whether or not Netflix would be an app, like it currently is on iPad and iPhone, or a built-in service like YouTube isn't made clear.

Would you have a preference?


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New Apple TV with Netflix integration coming tomorrow?


With every device and box (and quite a few TVs themselves) offering Netflix streaming, it is just part of the price of admission into this market.

Roku responds correctly by lowering its prices.
Microsoft promptly raises prices for its monthly membership needed to view Netflix. Go figure.

I am very interested in an iTV. I currently have a media pc, and it is OK but clearly a kludge. I would love an iOS tv device, and am sure that developers would produce great stuff if iOS were put on a TV. There would be necessary changes, but integration with the iPhone would be great.

I would think that they would do a special event for an all-new product a la the January iPad event. I can't see them upstaging the music event with something like this rumored TV product when the invitation is clearly just a guitar. Personally I hate the itunes and apple tv model of buying individual tv shows and movies. I'm not holding my breath for anything that I would be interested in. I suppose we will all find out tomorrow via the live stream.

Non touchscreen ios. All the people calling out android for fragmentation better take a look in the mirror

@Patrick, a silver account is free on Xbox live, which is the only thing that you need to access Netflix.

All the speculation of a new Apple TV box, but no talk about existing units. Shoot, I spent $225 just a few months ago. I hope some of the streaming service goodness applies to existing units as well.

I just bought an AppleTv a few months ago like @Fernando. I hope we get an update that allows for most if not all the new iTV goodies, if not I hope it is still supported for a while. I already have 2 Roku's but would buy an iTV if it comes with 99 cent rentals and Netflix. I love Netflix it is my major source for entertainment now, dumped all but my most basic cable.