Apple tweaks Purchased tab in iPad App Store, now lets you view purchased apps alphabetically

Apple tweaks Purchased tab in iPad App Store, now lets you view purchased apps alphabetically

Apple recently made a small change to the Purchased tab in the App Store on the iPad, allowing users to view their purchased apps not just chronologically, but alphabetically.

Select any given letter from the left-hand side of the Purchased tab to find the results you're looking for. Tap the clock above the letter "A" in order to switch back to a chronological view of all of your apps. Viewing items alphabetically still allows you to see both all of your apps, or just those that are not on your iPad.

The old way was a huge pain, the new way much better. Let's hope this is the kind of thing Apple keeps improving.

Thanks: Balazs

Update: Looks like it happened a couple weeks ago, according to iDB

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west3man says:

I honestly do not understand how these kinds of "features" elude Apple for so very long.

For all the shortcomings of PalmOS and webOS, the devices using those operating systems helped me hang in there until Apple got it's ish together enough for the iPhone to be a truly viable alternative for *me.*

Multitouch was great but the omissions were unforgivable.

Similarly, having a "purchases" section is really great. Not having the option for alphabetical order was ridiculous.

And that ain't all.

stephen007 says:

I think Rene has expressed it on several of the podcasts where Apple had a list of things that they wanted to do and a limited number of engineering resources they could put towards that list. Things like this just weren't high enough up on the list to get done until now.

Glad to see you so passionate about alphabetical order :-D

west3man says:

That is genuinely funny, but anyone who could craft this response recognizes its falsehood.

It is a product of their creation but they made something incomplete. And they are taking years to fill in the necessary blanks.

There are people who have dozens and some with hundreds of apps. Sifting through them looking for the needle in that haystack is not a 2013 feature.

And again, that ain't all. But you knew that.

impaler says:

Eureka! I was so tired of seeing purchased apps by order of when purchased.