Here's what's new in iOS gaming this week!

Every Thursday I go on a quest to find all the notable new games released on the App Store over the week, but instead of taking all the gold and experience for myself, I pass my knowledge on to you! Whether you're looking for new games, games on-sale, or wondering if your favorite game got a big update, I'll break down all the notable iOS gaming news for you!

New games of the week

Need something new and shiny? Every week tons of games hit the App Store, and I keep track, so you don't have to; here are the notable releases for this week.

Chroma Squad

What happens when five stunt actors quit their jobs? They start their own TV show with lots of fighting!

Self-described as an 8-bit love letter to the Power Rangers, Chroma Squad is a tactical RPG with a funny premise and a whole lot of nostalgia baked right into the gameplay.

You'll need to control five colored-jumpsuit wearing fighters as they defeat the evil in the world — or at least the TV show world — and you'll even need to craft giant mechs to fight the big baddies!

With different skill trees to level up your characters, and three different endings to the game, Chroma Squad has a lot to offer RPG fans!

A Old Man's Journey

This point-and-click adventure game promises to be impactful and beautiful at the same time.

Follow along on a old man's journey about life's precious moments and broken dreams through an absolutely beautiful narative that's accompanied by stunning hand-crafted visuals.

Get the tissues ready!


In the future where a totalitarian state controls every aspect of life, Beholder will make you question your morals.

You play as a state-installed caretaker of an apartment building, and the government has tasked you to spy on your tennants. You'll need to eavesdrop on there conversations by bugging their apartments, search their belongings, and profile them for your boss. You're suppose to report people who are violating any of the strict laws, but what if you just blackmailed them instead...

Will you comply with the state, or will you use your position for personal gain? You decide.

Games on sale this week

Good things come to those who wait! Every week games go on sale, and you can take advantage of great savings. Here are the notable sales of this week.

Clue: The Classic Mystery Game

You can get the classic board game Clue for only $1.99!

Travel from room-to-room in the classic mansion and try to guess who's the murderer. Was it Ms. Peacock in the library with the candlestick? Or, Mr. Green in the kitchen with the revolver!

Soccer Physics

The extremely wacky game Soccer Physics is now free!

You'll be tasked with scoring goals, but that's not as simple as it sounds. You can only use one finger, and good luck trying to find out how to move your character.

Grab a friend and enjoy some laughs with the weird but delightful title!

Luke's game of the week.


$2.99 - Download Now

SCRAP is a fun and colorful auto-runner platformer that provides players with a significant challenge, even when the game starts at a slower pace.

Its minimalist design — both in visuals and sound — will allow you to really focus on the gameplay, which is a must to get the proper timing of all your jumps and swipes down.

At the end of the day, the minor controls issues and the lack of originality could make SCRAP an easy game to forget; however, the complete lack of any ads or in-app purchases and the promise of more content on the way from the creators makes SCRAP's $2.99 price point pretty persuasive.

Read my full review of SCRAP

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Other games you saw this week?

Did I miss anything? Anything you're particularly excited about this week? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter!