Keep yourself healthy and accountable in the new year with an iPhone and iPad-friendly smart scales.

The holiday festivities are finally wrapped up and many of us are feeling the repercussions of too much food and good cheer. Now that 2016 is in full swing, if you're looking to shed some extra pounds and get back on the healthy track, a smart scale can help you stay focused and keep yourself accountable. If you aren't already familiar with these intelligent weight watchers, they provide an easy way to track your weight, BMI, progress and goals using a corresponding app on your iOS device.

Fitbit Aria

The Fitbit Aria features a polished glass surface with a digital display that syncs your weight, BMI, and body fat percentages straight to your Fitbit account. This smart scale recognizes up to 8 users and keeps everyone's results separated and private. You can pair the Aria with any Fitbit tracker, including the Fitbit Charge HR or the Fitbit Surge, and keep track of your results using the Fitbit app or on the Fitbit website. The Aria can register weights up to 350 pounds and distinguishes between users by individual weights and body fat percentages.

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Withings WS-50

Take complete control of your weight using the Withings WS-50, the smart scale that's designed to accurately measure your weight, BMI, heart rate, and even monitor the indoor air quality of your living space. Allowing up to 8 users on its personalized display, each person in your household can track their weight securely and monitor their goals using the Health Mate app. As you weigh yourself each day, the WS-50 will display the weather and average temperature, giving you a heads up on how to dress before stepping outside and getting active. This smart scale is also compatible with a variety of other health apps including Runkeeper, LoseIt!, MyFitnessPal, and more.

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Weight Gurus Smart Scale

Sporting a larger LCD display with a bright blue backlight is this smart scale from Weight Gurus. Along with measuring your weight and BMI, this scale covers key factors like lean mass, body fat, bone mass, and even water weight. Using 4 high-precision sensors, it provides accurate measurements every time you step on its tempered glass surface. The scale syncs to your iOS device via Bluetooth to the Weight Gurus app, Fitbit, Apple's Health app, and more. Powered by 4 AAA batteries, the Weight Gurus Smart Scale features a 400 pound capacity.

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Archos Connected Scale

Able to recognize up to 4 different users, the Archos Connected Scale is a great option for tracking your fat mass, BMI, and general weight. Using the Archos Connected Self app you can set up goals and deadlines to help yourself stay motivated and monitor your progress using graphs. The Archos Smart Scale connects to your device using Bluetooth, but doesn't require you to have your smartphone or tablet nearby every time you weigh-in, as it's able to store a month's worth of data on its onboard memory. This smart scale is a great addition, especially if you're using an Archos Activity Tracker and/or Blood Pressure Monitor.

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WiTscale S200

More affordable than the average smart scale is the WiTscale S200 which uses 4 highly sensitive sensors to measure your body weight and BMI. With a maximum capacity of 330 pounds, this smart scale features a tempered glass surface with a 3.5-inch LCD display that's easy to read. The WiTscale is powered by 2 AA batteries that are included and it tracks all your data in a single graph that you can share through social media. Although their Bluetooth Scale app leaves much to be desired, it still provides accurate weight readings, making it hard to argue with for its price.

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Polar Balance

The new Polar Balance smart scale that was announced that this year's CES offers an easy way to monitor your weight using the Polar Flow app. Its weight capacity of nearly 400 pounds matched with advanced activity control provides a personalized daily activity goal to help you reach your goal weight. The "weight speedometer" will tell you how hard you need to work out each day and how many calories you need to burn to meet the goals you've set. The Balance also works great with Polar's wearables like the A300, Loop, and A360 if you're after complete tracking of all your activities.

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Under Armor UA Scale

HTC and Under Armor have partnered together to create the UA Scale, just one accessory to the entire UA HealthBox that's now up for pre-order at a whopping $400. This Wi-Fi smart scale features auto-recognition for up to 8 users and tracks your weight, body fat percentage and more through the Under Armor Record app. The entire HealthBox includes a heart rate sensor, activity tracker, and of course the smart scale, set to start shipping January 22.

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