Bizarre GameStore app, purportedly by Apple, appears in App Store

Bizarre GameStore app, purportedly by Apple, appears in App Store

A very strange iPhone app called GameStore, which appears to be by Apple, is showing up internationally in the iTunes App Store. It's icon is a shopping cart crammed in the lower left corner and it's functionality seems curious to say the least:

This application allows you to buy different things from within the app.

iTunes desktop shows the release date as Dec. 31, 2011. App Store on iPhone shows the post date as June 9, 2009. Make of that what you will.

Whether this is an internal Apple test app that was never meant to go public, or if there's a different explanation, we're not certain. In the meantime, you probably don't want to spend $0.99 on it.


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There are 10 comments. Add yours.

Jonesy27 says:

tempted to buy it just for the hell of it...
Who doesn't want an Awesome Sword hey??

entwined82 says:

I wonder if this is the game version of the newsstand, where all in app purchases will be displayed in their own icon. I really hope not. I've got enough useless icons and folders.

Chris Flowers says:

Looks like a test bed for in app purchases to me. Released by mistake.

parabel says:

Are they probably standardizing In-App-Purchases now?

Aliff says:

This looks er...............Interesting.....???

abubasim says:

Proucts? Typo in screenshot. Gives the app an appearance of quality, doesn't it?

Blakeway66 says:

Its just gone from the uk store now

DOA says:

apple apps don't say "by apple" they say "apple inc."

Jaire Byers says:

It says "by Apple." Apple apps are "by Apple Inc."