Boxcar takes iPhone, iPad notifications to the next level

Boxcar 2.0 Update

Boxcar for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad received a rather significant update over the weekend, adding Retina Display support and a slew of other great new features:

  • Awesome new icons!
  • Retina display support
  • Centralized inbox
  • Google Buzz, Google Voice, Github, App Recommendations, and more!
  • More alert settings
  • Reply and Retweet right from Boxcar
  • Bug fixes

I've been using Boxcar for a few months for managing any notifications that come through on my iPhone and iPad, and have enjoyed it immensely. Keeping track of notifications on iOS is a dismal process, and Boxcar corrects that.

With this update, we're wondering how you'll be integrating the new features into your usage patterns?

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Reader comments

Boxcar takes iPhone, iPad notifications to the next level


@Ivan - send in your crash reports and we'll make sure it's taken care of. Already have 4.0.1 in with Apple that fixes quite a few issues.

First impressions: Sloooww. Crash. Slow. Crash.
It takes forever to get something done: to load all messages, or to add a new account.
I had to delete.

By crash I mean I'd get an error message popup telling me to try again. The app didn't actually close on me.

@Corinne You were probably trying to use it while we were in the middle of a deploy. Give it another whirl, I bet the experience will be better.

I'm starting to change my mind about push notifications because of a very basic thing... Apple gives you complete control over notifications!
Instead of complaining about notifications, take charge. In the notifications section of s

Damnit let me try that again...
I’m starting to change my mind about push notifications because of a very basic thing… Apple gives you a lot of control over notifications already!
Instead of complaining about notifications, take charge. In the notifications section of settings, turn off Alerts for anything you don't want! You can also turn off sounds so they don't bug you. Note leave badges on. Now, the last thing you need to do is arrange your apps in such a way that most or all your apps are on one screen where you can look at all the badges. When you see a badge, jump into the app and use the app's notification tools to see what's up.
This made my life a whole lot easier because I don't get 15 alerts all popping up on me at the same time. I also think it's why Apple hasn't redone their notifications app yet, because most of the tools are already there for you. From an interface standpoint, it's still an issue, because users are afraid to turn this options off in case they'll miss anything, so they don't learn this until later, they just see a bazillion alerts and blame apple for not doing something about it. It's also not perfect because if you have dozens of apps with notifications, it still makes it a pain to go thru all the apps to see all those notifications... then again, if you have 80 apps all with regular push notifications, I hope you aren't seriously overloaded informationally because that would drive me nuts!
I offer this as an option for people who don't like iOS's notifications but want to at least do something about it. If you have the options at least give them a try for your own sanity.

It keeps saying that it could not connect with Facebook even though I've followed their advice by updating my privacy settings for Boxcar. Other than that, it works great!

Is there still an impact on battery life? There was blatant difference when I used it before on my iphone 4 so I deleted it but I may use it again if they fixed the drain. :D

I agree with VagrantHarmonist...I deleted it a few days ago because it drained my battery. After reading this article I reinstalled it but still feel it's draining my battery :/ I'll keep it for now and see if there's any notable drainage after a solid night's charge.

Used to work perfectly on mi iPhone, but all of a sudden, it stopped updating and now I don't get any new notifications of the new tweets from my friends or anything. Tried deleting it and installing it again, but still, not working. Anyone having the same issue or knows how to fix this?