British Airways implementing gate-to-gate device use from December 19

Following last week's news that British Airways would be the first major European Airline to implement the new relaxed regulations on electronic device use, we now have a time frame, and it's good news. As of Thursday, December 19 British Airways passengers will be allowed to use their personal devices during takeoff and landing for the first time.

Similar changes have recently been made across the major U.S. airlines after the FAA ruled in favor, and thankfully for European flyers it hasn't taken long to follow suit. Personally speaking, I've got 4 flights lined up with British Airways in the coming months, so I'm definitely pleased to see this.

Source: BBC

Richard Devine

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Squidzit says:

Awesome news! We'll be flying home to the US from London on BA in a few months so this is great timing for us!! =)

asuperstarr says:

This is great! Now it's time for others to take note and step up as well. Thanks!

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rodchristiansen says:

Any word from Air Canada about this?

Plougmann says:

Scandinavian airlines actually made this service available the 12th of December :-)

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