British Airways moves to allow use of electronic devices at all stages of flight

Following the recent FAA rulings in the U.S, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has now followed suit by relaxing the restrictions on electronic device usage during flight. One of the first major Airlines to move to get on board with the new guidelines is British Airways, which is currently in discussions with the Civil Aviation Agency (CAA) over making it happen on its flights. From Business Traveller:

A spokesperson for the airline said: "British Airways is working closely with the UK CAA and hopes to be in a position to announce a relaxation in the rules around the use of handheld electronic devices very soon."

Under the new relaxed regulations, smaller devices such as your iPhone or iPad, eReaders and portable games consoles can be used gate-to-gate so long as they're in flight mode. Larger devices such as laptops will still have to be stowed for takeoff and landing for safety reasons.

With the guidelines published, here's hoping that British Airways is the first of many to implement them as soon as possible.

Source: Business Traveller

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British Airways moves to allow use of electronic devices at all stages of flight


Evolutionary steps like this in our day-to-day lives are as monumental a new iPhone announcement.

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This is awesome. You should be able to use you devices at all times except when the are making the emergency announcements. Great Move!

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If you think you can yak away on your cellphone near me then think again - expect extreme measures! - YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

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