Bump gets acquired by Google

Bump gets acquired by Google

Popular file transfer application Bump has been acquired by Google. Bump allows two users to transfer contacts, photos, and other files between phones by physically bumping the two devices together. Bump CEO David Lieb announced the acquisition in a post on the company blog:

Our mission at Bump has always been to build the simplest tools for sharing the information you care about with other people and devices. We strive to create experiences that feel like magic, enabled behind the scene with innovations in math, data processing, and algorithms. So we couldn’t be more thrilled to join Google, a company that shares our belief that the application of computing to difficult problems can fundamentally change the way that we interact with one another and the world.

Lieb stated that Bump, as well as the company's photo-sharing app Flock, will continue to work for the time being.

Source: Bump blog, via Android Central

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Reader comments

Bump gets acquired by Google


Right now this is SUPER disappointing! I love Bump, esp the Computer to Device feature...I have serious concerns as to what Google is going to do to this product.

Ame, Google will do what it always does, expect everything to quit working before the year is out.

To be honest, I hate to see Google acquire a company because I know that that company will shortly be shut down.

It'll probably mean that flock migrates to a part of Google Plus. Not sure about Bump. They could add it to Android I suppose to augment beam and NFC-less devices. Really not much of a loss there since there's a multitude of ways to share photos and contact info from one device to another. And Bump never used full resolution photos which was a non-starter for me.

Dumb talk, Google has the BEST apps and they are free. Just look at your iPhone, mine has just about every app that Google has. Try getting along without Gmail, YouTube, Search, Maps, Google + and the last keeps going. You may dislike Google because of immature fanboy crap but IMO no other supplies such Very high quality apps that are free. If you want to complain about Google's track record than I just can't agree. I use both OS and enjoy them. I don't allow childish crap turn my feelings. Without Google, the Internet experience would suck. Just My Opinion.

Are you from Mars? Very nice to find a fellow iphone user who is not blind. I completely endorse your point and prefer to be a user than a follower.

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I think you're correct. It will be rolled into Android OS so all Android devices including NFC-less devices have the same action to share the info that you want to transfer without making people jump through a bunch of settings.. Flock can be add to the OS as well. It would be smart to add the features into an app for iOS and take this team and have them work on improving this system with the resources that Google has so there are no size restrictions with the transfer of files. This is a great pickup for Google.

This to me would have been a no brainer to Apple to buy. I know you guys have airdrop but you have to be connected over wifi to the same network I think mean you have to know how to connect to someones network which I'm sure some users don't know how to do.

You don't have to be on the same wifi. The devices that will be compatible with airdrop will create their own network. You don't have to be connected to an existing wifi network for airdrop to work. Basically an iPhone will be able to airdrop a picture to an iPod touch even when the iPod touch isn't connected to an existing wifi connection.

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I love this App ... but google...???

Will be DELETED and Hide in 3 ... 2 ... 1!

Done! Gone! No google allowed here.

Larry / The L Team ... you guys buy, I delete!

Wow comments like this really make me think less of Apple fans.

It seems to me to many iSheep around will hate what ever apple complains against. Honestly I had seen bump kind of falling apart. It used to be good but alternatives came about and it was to much of a nitch. Now their IP and their personal on the other hand is good. getting those group of good devs on board is a good thing.

I almost always don't give a rat's bottom to respond to google workers but this iSheep comment just turns my temp ON!

No Sir ... we are not iSheep. Google and Samsung and each and every Android device maker are well-deserved to be called iSheep though as they were and are always the first (and ONLY) to COPY whatever Apple does .... truly and sincerely with no shame and then sell products which have no value and no culture to those who don't know how to even spell smartphone or understand what it really means.

Even Microsoft doesn't copy as much as Google (and its gang) does.

For argument's sake, what the hell a lousy search engine who does nothing but indexing the web and sell some Ads (to make a living and waste it all on motorola!) has any business with smart phones, smart cars and or anything smart related?!!!

Thanks ... feeling better now.

You know you are just proving my point. The fact that you some how believe that iOS is all intivating and you will defend that is what is really the sad part.
I could start listing the features iOS has been ripping off android. Lets cut to the chase iOS 5-7 has all been catch up to everyone. Nothing new. iOS entire notifications system is a bad copy of android. iMessage is a BBM rip off and so on. Apple has not brought anything new for a long time.

It is not the coping part that is sad. It is the shear hypocrisy of Apple and its blind followers. They will blindly defend Apple on everything, turn a blind eye when Apple copies but rip into anyone who does a REMOTE copy who cares about the facts.
Hate anything that goes against Apple or who Apple hates. It the simple fact is they lack a brain to think for themselves.

But you know you kind of are proving my point on why Apple fans are thought so little of. Thank you for making me look worse because I do like Apple stuff. I just am not a blind follower.