Calvetica Calendar for iPhone and iPad receives huge update

Calvetica Calendar by Mysterious Trousers has received a big update with a new interface, gestures, notifications, and tasks.

We’ve sweated the details and carefully crafted an experience that is tuned to the way people really use calendars. We've included all the features that really matter to you.


  • We restarted from scratch. This is the new Calvetica.
  • Universal app. Will run natively on iPod, iPhone and iPad.
  • Month and day layout on one screen.
  • Beautiful portrait week agenda view.
  • Tap on the time by an event to quickly edit when it starts or ends.
  • New quick add screen that lets you type event start times with a keypad.
  • Tap on the month title to jump to any date, even years away, very quickly.
  • Customize the event details screen. Show/hide, reorder all the event details so it shows only what you want to see and in the order you want to see it.
  • Easily show/hide calendars.
  • Icons by event titles to quickly see if it has notes, a location, attendees or if it repeats.


  • Powerful, natural and intuitive gestures.
  • Long press on the plus button to quickly set a generic reminder that acts like an alarm.
  • Flick the month up and out of the way to give you more space to view your day.


  • Enable custom alerts to receive a notification from Calvetica when alarms go off that have a “snooze” button on them.
  • Custom alarm sounds that are longer and louder than the default calendar apps sound.
  • Alarm picker lets you choose many multiple alarms quickly. It also shows your complex alarms set in other applications.
  • Multiple default alarms.
  • Alarms specifically for all day events that make sense (i.e. remind me 6pm the day before).


  • Switch between event and task mode to manage both.
  • Organized into custom color coded groups.
  • Set title, priority and notes.
  • Free automatic cloud backup.
  • Free automatic cloud syncing between devices running Calvetica.
  • Open and easy to use tasks API for developers.

I haven't had a chance to check out Calvetica Calendar, but it comes highly recommended by many of our readers. I do like the interface for the month view on the iPad - the two panel design looks fabulous.

Calvetica Calendar is available on the iPhone and iPad for $1.99. Screenshots after the break.

[iTunes link]

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Reader comments

Calvetica Calendar for iPhone and iPad receives huge update


This update has been a hard pill to swallow. As a loyal Calvetica iPhone user, I've loved the quick and elegant interface of 3.x up to now. 4.0 introduces a bunch of great features, such as tasks, and the ability to see more detail in the month view. Also, on the iPad's large screen, this is a really great calendar.
However the interface of 4.0 is overly complicated in many areas, clunky and cluttered in others. They've taken away a lot of speed and simplicity; the interface is sluggish (even on an iPhone 4) and there's no more one-step event add function. Also gone is the landscape agenda week-view.
The developers, Mysterious Trousers, have made some concessions via their Twitter (@Mystrou), and have solicited feedback about certain issues, such as the landscape view. They even say they plan to release Calvetica 3.7 as a separate version for people who like it better. What really concerns me is how far this 4.0 update has gone in the opposite direction of simplicity and ease of use. I hope that the rough edges are worked out, and that some of the simplicity is added back in.
This update was simply too ambitious in some ways, because Calvetica went from something unique and special to a bloated also-ran competing with dozens of other bloated calendar apps.

I couldn't agree more with David Fabian's comments. Calvetica used to boast about how few clicks it required to add an event. That feature has been taken out and shot: it is so ridiculously time-consuming to add an event now. I used to run Calvetica (for adding) and Agenda (for reading) side by side. Now I just use Agenda, and hope they get it right with their future updates.