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Best way to win battles and conquer gyms in Pokémon Go

It looks like Pokémon Go has once again changed the rules when it comes to both taking down and leveling up a Gym. This time, though, instead of making it easier to tear down and harder to build up, they've added some much-needed balance.

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Awesome Touch Bar apps you won't find in the Mac App Store

Mac App Store has all the Touch Bar apps Apple approved. So what about the Touch Bar apps Apple didn't approve. Well...

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Best budgeting apps for iPhone

You can learn to stick to a budget, and even save for something special — if you have the right iPhone app!

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Best new apps and games for iPhone and iPad

We're always on the lookout for the best apps on the iPhone and iPad App Store. This week, tune in to DirecTV Now, save the internet with the Powerpuff Girls, and get apps for finding gifts for kids.

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Best package tracking apps for iPhone and iPad

Are you losing track of your online purchases? Keep an eye on shipped packages with these apps!

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Fantastical 2 for Mac gets Touch Bar support and I love it!

The best calendar app for the Mac now has Touch Bar support. Managing my time has never been so fun!

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How to use 'Nearby' and 'Sightings' to track in Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go has once again rolled out the Nearby tracking feature to a bunch of new locations in North America and Europe. Here's how to use it!

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How to download movies and TV shows from Netflix

Netflix has added a long-requested feature: the ability to download movies and TV shows for offline viewing.

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Last chance! Apps on Sale this Cyber Monday

These Cyber Monday apps are still on sale for a little bit longer!

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Pokémon Go: How to save power, end crashes, and fix server errors

2New versions of Pokémon Go mean old bugs get fixed, new bugs get introduced, and some old bugs come back. We've added the latest so, if you're having trouble, keep reading!

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