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How to set up two-factor authentication for Twitter

Protect your account by enabling Twitter's two-factor authentication options.

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Best March Madness apps

March Madness is upon us. Here are the best apps to help you keep up-to-date on your teams and to catch every game live.

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Watching YouTube videos gets super-social with Uptime

Uptime is an iPhone app that lets you share and watch YouTube videos in a real-time social environment. It's like watching a video with a friend IRL, but with Uptime they don't have to be IRL!

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How to use VSCO – and now DSCO! – together to make great gifs

Recently, VSCO has decided to incorporate DSCO directly into its layout, meaning that having two separate apps for photography and video/GIF-making is no longer necessary! Here's how it works.

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Bumpr is my new favorite Menu bar widget for Mac

You can switch between web browsers and email clients using Bumpr. It's the best thing since chocolate and peanut butter!

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Best third-party music player apps for iPhone

Hate the iOS Music app or just want something different? Check out these great third-party apps!

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Turn your iPad into a digital piano instructor with Skoove for iOS

Skoove is a new aopp for iPad that acts as a personal piano instructor for everything from fingering to complex theory.

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Instagram adds location-based geostickers to Instagram Stories

Instagram is adding a new feature to its Instagram Stories platform. The app will now display location-based "geostickers" that only appear in certain locations.

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Copy any art style you want with Prisma's newest update!

If you were on social media in the summer of 2016, you probably caught a glimpse of a photo that had been edited with Prisma. Now, the app has a brand new update that lets users get creative!

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How to extract your messages and voicemails from your iPhone or iPad

Having an internet-connect backup for your iPhone or iPad is a great safety measure, but if you want a locally saved copy of your messages, voicemails, and other data on your Mac, PhoneView is an app that can really help you out.

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