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Facebook helps visually impaired people interact with photos thanks to AI

Facebook is expanding its accessibility options, making it easier for visually impaired people to interact with photos thanks to automatically-generated alternative text.

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TextExpander gets its own paid sync service with latest updates for Mac, iPhone, and iPad

With TextExpander 6 for Mac, along with TextExpander 4 for iPhone and iPad, developer Smile is introducing a paid syncing and management service for your snippets.

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Do you even Bitmoji?! (And how!)

Bitmoji are cartoon keyboard avatars, in a variety of memes and themes, that let you express how you feel in almost all major messaging apps.

A couple of months ago a friend of mine changed her avatar on Facebook into a cartoon likeness that, with head cocked aggressively, said "SRSLY?!". Since she's an artist, I just assumed she'd drawn it herself and, in Grey's Season One fashion, I quickly responded back, "SRSLY!"

Then another friend of mine sent me an iMessage that a similar cartoon likeness, this one with big, ballon letters saying, "Do you even Bitmoji?!"

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Bubba Watson blasts his way onto your phone with Bubbamoji!

You're Bubba Watson. You already own two green jackets and are looking for a third this week at The Masters golf tournament. So what's next? Bubbamoji, of course.

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Disqus commenting service launches its iPhone app for conversations

Disqus, which powers many comment sections on the web, has launched its own iPhone app centered around conversations.

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Amazon Echo Dot Review: An inch and a half of Alexa may be all you need

Echo Dot is what you get if you lop off the top inch and a half of an Echo. All the brains in a smaller stature, with a smaller price to go along with it.

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How to use Sonos for iPhone and iPad: The ultimate guide

Sonos doesn't just bring the ultimate in wireless, connected speakers to your home or office — it lets you control it all right from your iPhone or iPad!

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How to set up a 5.1 surround sound system with Sonos with iPhone and iPad

With the right Sonos speakers, you can enjoy wireless 5.1 surround sound anywhere!

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How to set up and use Sonos Controller on iPhone and iPad

Set up a Sonos system in your home to wirelessly stream all your favorite music!

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How to tune your Sonos speakers to use Trueplay on iPhone and iPad

Get the truest sound from your Sonos speakers and iOS — with Trueplay!

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