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Dashlane receives in-depth makeover from the ground up

Dashlane gets updated to version 4.5 with a pretty large makeover to completely revamp the user experience.

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Need more Stephen Curry in your life? His new emoji app will do just that in absolute style

Emoji apps appear to be the new thing for folk these days and now Stephen Curry has joined the emojio app train with his own offering on the store.

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Facebook reportedly mulling end-to-end encryption for Messenger

Facebook is considering adding an optional end-to-end encryption mode for its Messenger app, according to a new report.

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Facebook Messenger adds more diverse selection of emoji

The Facebook Messenger app now has over 1,000 new emoji that are supposed to "better reflect gender and skin tones".

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Best emoji apps for iPhone

A picture is worth 1,000 words — especially when it's an emoji!

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Twitterrific adds a tip jar to help keep updates free

Popular Twitter app Twitterrific's latest update brings along a new Tip Jar feature that lets fans of the app donate towards its continual development.

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watchOS 3: What we want to see next for Apple Watch

Our hopes and dreams for the third generation of Apple Watch software.

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Apple Pay expands to more Canadian banks

Apple Pay has expanded to the remaining Big Five Canadian banks, along with in-app purchase support across all seven participating institutions.

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Periscope combats trolls with new comment moderation tool

Periscope is taking the fight to internet trolls by rolling out a new set of comment moderation views for the community.

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The hottest app in Canada right now is from a bank

How often does a banking app crack the App Store's Top 10? Not very, but this app from TD Canada Trust defied the odds.

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