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Amazon Echo Dot Review: An inch and a half of Alexa may be all you need

Echo Dot is what you get if you lop off the top inch and a half of an Echo. All the brains in a smaller stature, with a smaller price to go along with it.

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How to use Sonos for iPhone and iPad: The ultimate guide

Sonos doesn't just bring the ultimate in wireless, connected speakers to your home or office — it lets you control it all right from your iPhone or iPad!

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How to set up a 5.1 surround sound system with Sonos with iPhone and iPad

With the right Sonos speakers, you can enjoy wireless 5.1 surround sound anywhere!

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How to set up and use Sonos Controller on iPhone and iPad

Set up a Sonos system in your home to wirelessly stream all your favorite music!

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How to tune your Sonos speakers to use Trueplay on iPhone and iPad

Get the truest sound from your Sonos speakers and iOS — with Trueplay!

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How to manage your Sonos system with iPhone and iPad

With Sonos and your iPhone or iPad, you can set up the speaker system of your dreams!

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Meet Dillan — and apps that help those on the autistic spectrum meet all of us

For World Autism Acceptance Day and Autism Acceptance Month, Apple introduces us to Dillan, his iPad, and his apps.

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Amazing iPad apps to help with autism and awareness

Amazing autism-focused apps to share for World Autism Awareness Day and the beginning of Autism Awareness Month!

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How to check the Weather with Siri

Need to check the weather in a hurry? Just ask Siri!

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Nintendo Miitomo Game Guide: Make friends and play dress up!

Wondering what all this Miitomo talk is all about? We spent the day with our Mii and have some answers for you.

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