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Square's new Register API lets sellers build custom point-of-sale apps

Square has released a new set of tools that will allow developers to create custom point-of-sale apps for iPad and iPhone that can tap into the company's payment processing tech.

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You can now text to an AI bot with Skype on iPhone and iPad

Microsoft has update Skype for the iPhone and iPad, adding in a preview of text chatting with AI bots. Audio and video bot chat is slated for Skype sometime in the future.

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Fullscreen video service will take on YouTube and Netflix on April 26

Fullscreen, which began as a YouTube content company, will launch its own separate video streaming subscription service on April 26. The service, which will offer iOS and Android apps, will be priced at $4.99 a month and offer a mix of older TV shows and movies with original content.

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Fantastical for Mac gets full Exchange support and more

Fantastical, the alternative calendar for Mac, has added full support for Exchange calendars with version 2.2. There's also a new invitee availability lookup, and you can even print your calendars if you need to.

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Feverprints is a ResearchKit-powered body temperature study

Feverprints is a new study from a team at Boston Children's Hospital that seeks to better understand variances in body temperature.

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Using Fitstar on the Fitbit Blaze

When Fitbit purchased the fitness app developer Fitstar, they promised us that Fitbit and Fitstar would become fast friends. A little over a year later, Fitbit’s newest model - the Fitbit Blaze - has Fitstar built-in.

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Apple expands Maps Flyover and Nearby support to more locations

Apple has expanded support for Apple Maps' Nearby and Flyover features to a number of new countries and cities.

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Snapchat's new chat experience centers on audio, video, and stickers

Snapchat is rolling out a redesigned Chat feature that focuses on audio and video chat, while also adding stickers into the mix.

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Instagram rolls out support for video uploads of up to 60 seconds

Instagram is rolling out a new feature worldwide that will allow users to upload video that runs up to 60 seconds. The previous video limit was just 15 seconds.

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Twitter makes images more accessible for visually impaired people

Twitter is making a change to images that will allow them to be more accessible for people who are visually impaired.

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