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Do you even Bitmoji?! — How to use 'em and link 'em with Snapchat!

Bitmoji are cartoon keyboard avatars, in a variety of memes and themes, that let you express how you feel in almost all major messaging apps.

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Pixelmator for iPhone and iPad gives you more control with new selection tools

Pixelmator, the image editing app for iPhone and iPad, has added a number of new selection enhancements, including two powerful new tools.

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Microsoft rolling out long-awaited Groove Music update for iPhone and iPad

Microsoft is rolling out an update for its Groove Music app for the iPhone and iPad. It's the first such update for the streaming music app since September 2015.

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Apple Maps transit directions roll out to Honolulu and Kansas City

Apple Maps now sports transit directions for both Kansas City and Honolulu.

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6 lazy ways: How to play Pokémon Go without moving!

While it's true you'll have to leave the comfort of your home if you want to get good at Pokémon Go, it doesn't mean you can't hold on to some laziness. Here are some tips to keep your couch potato pride.

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Glaxo becomes first drugmaker to use Apple's ResearchKit

The drugmaker GlaxoSmithKline has become the first such company to use Apple’s ResearchKit. Glaxo is using it to help conduct a rheumatoid arthritis study.

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Pokémon Go now officially available in Canada

Canada used 'launch.' It's super effective!

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Pokémon Go by transit: Catch 'em faster, get more XP, and save your legs!

Pokémon Go encourages you to get out of your house and walk around to find the most valuable and rare creatures. But there's an easier way.

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How to add attachments to Mail for iPhone and iPad

Here are a few must-know tips for when you're sending photos and other attachments with the Mail app on your iPhone or iPad!

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Yelp gets in on the Pokémon Go action with its own PokéStop filter

Yelp is lending a hand to all of the Pokémon trainers out there, with a new filter designed to help you find PokéStops in Pokémon Go.

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