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Facebook pulls the plug on its Notify news app

Facebook has announced that it is pulling the plug on Notify, a news alert app that the company launched in late 2015.

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What's new on the App Store: StephMoji, Never Alone, and more

Each week, the App Store highlights some of the best new and updated apps. This week, take a look at StephMoji, Never Alone, and Apple's favorite apps of May.

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VSCO's upcoming redesign puts equal emphasis on creation and discovery

VSCO will soon roll out a major redesign of its popular iPhone and iPad app that puts an emphasis on both content creation and discovery.

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The best streaming music services in Canada

The game has changed in the streaming music world over the past year, with more services than ever opening up to Canadians (and some, sadly, closing down). What's the best one for your hard-earned money? Let's take a look.

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Twitter and Samsung team up to offer 360-degree videos from the NBA Finals

Twitter is launching support for 360-degree videos, beginning with clips from Game 1 of the NBA Finals that will be filmed with Samsung's Gear 360 camera.

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Dashlane receives in-depth makeover from the ground up

Dashlane gets updated to version 4.5 with a pretty large makeover to completely revamp the user experience.

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Need more Stephen Curry in your life? His new emoji app will do just that in absolute style

Emoji apps appear to be the new thing for folk these days and now Stephen Curry has joined the emojio app train with his own offering on the store.

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Facebook reportedly mulling end-to-end encryption for Messenger

Facebook is considering adding an optional end-to-end encryption mode for its Messenger app, according to a new report.

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Facebook Messenger adds more diverse selection of emoji

The Facebook Messenger app now has over 1,000 new emoji that are supposed to "better reflect gender and skin tones".

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Best emoji apps for iPhone

A picture is worth 1,000 words — especially when it's an emoji!

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