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Opera Mini updated for the first time since 2012 with new look, data savings

Opera Mini has been updated for the first time since October 2012, applying a fresh coat of paint to the app and adding a few new features in version 8. These features include Data Savings, themes, and a new way to discover content on the web.

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SoundCloud for iPhone gets revamped UI, better controls and 'one thumb' interface

SoundCloud has updated their app for iPhone and iPad to version 3.0, refreshing the design of the app on the iPhone. The new design places an emphasis on visual elements and cleanliness. Artwork is given a more prominent place during playback, and the controls have been simplified.

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Adobe Lightroom Mobile for iPhone — First look

In April Adobe blessed with us with a dedicated Lightroom application for the iPad which has now been followed up by a companion version for the iPhone. Neither are the first Adobe photo editing products for iOS, but Lightroom is a serious product for serious editing.

With the iPad release, Adobe had designed a pretty full on Lightroom experience designed for the touchscreen experience and none of that has been lost in moving to the smaller screen.

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Best mileage tracking apps for iPhone: Mileage Log+, Auto Miles, klicks, and more!

For expenses, for taxes, or for plain old metrics, here are the best apps to help track gas mileage right from your iPhone - no paper trackers required!

Looking for the best iPhone apps to help you accurately track mileage? Anyone who wants to be compensated for travel, be it from an expense account at work or from a deduction on taxes, knows how arduous and can be to keep - and remember to use - a written ledger. Luckily, mileage tracking apps for the iPhone can make it, if no less monotonous, at least a lot more convenient. Whether you're on the job or self-employed, need it for an expense or tax claim, or just want keep track for your own maintenance or metrics, the App Store has several options. The real question is, what mileage tracking apps for iPhone are the absolute best?

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OneDrive app update adds integration with Office for iPad

Microsoft has released a new update to its OneDrive app for iPhone and iPad that, among other things, adds new integration with the company's Office for iPad apps.

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LiftMaster's MyQ app will work with Nest to help with energy use

Garage door maker LiftMaster has announced a new partnership with Google subsidiary Nest that will enable the company's MyQ app to work with the thermostat so it can better regulate heating and cooling use in the home.

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New and updated apps: Shazam, Fitbit, Amazon Music and more!

Every day dozens and dozens of new and updated apps and games hit the iOS and Mac App Stores. It's impossible to keep up with them all, but it's not impossible to pick out the very best. Here they are! Today we've got new music apps, travel tools, workout stuff and more!

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Photo editing tool Fotor makes in-app-purchases free for a limited time

With an update to version 4.5.1, photo editing tool Fotor is making all of its in-app-purchases free until June 27th. Fotor allows you to resize, crop, rotate and add effects to your photos easily. The app comes with a host of features, like the ability to create collages, add frames and borders, adjust brightness, contrast, saturation and add text and stickers to images along with depth-of-field effects.

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Facebook's Slingshot app is now available worldwide

After launching exclusively in the US earlier this month, Facebook's Snapchat competitor service Slingshot is now available globally.

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App Store policies, in-app video ads, and Occam's razor

There's been some consternation recently about Apple rejecting apps that contain video ads encouraging people to watch them or share them in exchange for in-app rewards. No doubt it's worrisome to the advertising agencies and developers involved in those apps, but some of the theories as to what exactly was happening tended towards the overly complex, and in some cases, conspiratorial. Tim Cook famously said that, when it comes to Apple hardware plans, looking at one piece of supply chain data didn't allow for the drawing of any meaningful conclusions. Likewise, looking at ad network complaints and developer reactions doesn't necessarily allow for any useful insight into App Store policies. So, what exactly has been going on?

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